5 Cleaner Apps to Free up Space on iPhone

Cleaner Apps
Cleaner Apps

To keep your iPhone performing well, it’s important to clean it regularly. Unfortunately, there is no built-in function to get rid of junk files from iOS devices. Whether it’s videos, photos, documents, or files you no longer need, keeping track of all the different data can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you can install iphone cleaner app and solve the problem successfully. Here is a complete guide on How to Clean your phone from Junk.

Why Is It Important to Free Up Space on Your iPhone?

A few years ago, many users of iOS devices were quite satisfied with 16 GB of internal memory. Now the situation is different. Apps and photos on iPhone and iPad have become much larger, so disk space runs out very quickly. An overcrowded data storage leads to unfortunate consequences: the operating system freezes, resource-intensive programs slow down, it is impossible to download new applications, etc. Therefore, timely app store cleaning is necessary for every iPhone user!

Top 5 Apps to Clean iPhone

There are many different iPhone applications to free up space on iPhone. Therefore, it will not be difficult for you to choose one. Nevertheless, it is recommended to approach the choice responsibly in order to get the maximum benefit from the app used.

Review the descriptions of the 5 best app store cleaning tools in the paragraphs below.

CleanUp App

CleanUp App is the best iphone cleaner app today. This phone cleaner helps improve device performance and save memory space by removing unnecessary media files, applications, etc. It is possible to configure scan settings and create an exclusion list. The main advantage of the clean up pictures app is that its trial version is available for free. In addition, the interface of the CleanUp App storage cleaner is quite simple and clear, so users do not face any difficulties in using it.

Key features of the application:

  • Provides quick iPhone scanning and effective cleaning of unnecessary files;
  • Available for installation for free;
  • Offers easily customizable removal options;
  • Allows organizing contacts on the user’s device;
  • Carries out cleaning in automatic mode;
  • Reliably protects the user’s personal data due to Passcode Protection, etc.

According to cleanup app reviews, this is the best choice for iPhone users. It works efficiently and has two subscription options: a 1-month subscription and a 1-year subscription. Thus, install the tool right now and optimize the performance of your device without the slightest difficulty!

Clean Doctor

Clean Doctor is a professional iPhone cleaner and performance booster. Its advantageous features are Junk File Cleaner, Wi-Fi Safe, App Manager, etc. Here’s what you can use this tool for:

  • Cleaning junk files. App users can safely delete junk files and free up space on their phones;
  • Speed acceleration. Speed booster optimizes space, clears background tasks, and speeds up your device;
  • Storage optimization. The tool removes duplicate music, photos, and documents, thus optimizing storage on iPhone.

Smart Cleaner

If you want to get rid of unwanted photos and contacts that accumulate on your phone, Smart Cleaner can be a great choice. This storage cleanup app will help you find and delete screenshots, similar images, burst photos, and videos. In addition, it will provide a good organization of the phone book. Now merging, backing up, and deleting contacts won’t take much of your time!

Smart Cleaner will not only help you with deleting junk files but also take care of your phone’s battery. Go to the Battery section and find useful tips on how to extend the battery life of your iPhone. You can also add a widget to your home screen to quickly check battery level and status.

In addition to deleting and sorting, Smart Cleaner creates a safe space for storing personal information. Other useful features of the app include:

  • Internet connection speed check;
  • Deleting all photos taken in one place;
  • Deleting old calendar events, etc.

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Super Cleaner

Super Cleaner is an effective optimizer for your mobile device. It helps to remove junk files and increase the speed of your phone by up to 80%. In addition, this storage cleanup app finds programs that are used occasionally and removes them. It is a good competitor to other popular utilities. Therefore, you should pay attention to the main functions that are offered to users:

  • Cleaning up junk files;
  • Increasing space;
  • CPU cooling;
  • Software management;
  • Cleaning the notification panel;
  • Intensive energy saving.

The program has a small size, a simple interface, and does not contain annoying ads. User reviews are good.

Power Clean 

Power Clean is memory cleaning, optimization, and fairly effective antivirus in one program. Accidentally deleted files can be easily restored from the recycle bin. Power Clean controls the access of all applications to the Internet and allows you to stop any of them. The main information about the work is duplicated in notifications.

Additional functions:

  • Application password protection;
  • Autorun prohibition;
  • Optimization tips;
  • Full charge notification.


Most cleaning tools are similar in their capabilities, so you need to choose based on the convenience of the interface, as well as the presence or absence of additional options. CleanUp App stands out from the rest. It offers many useful features that you can use. Cleanup app reviews are positive. So, you can install the tool without any worries and start optimizing your device right away!