WidgetSmith Ideas (Incredible Ways to Modify Your iPhone Home Screen)

Widgetsmith Ideas
Widgetsmith Ideas

Feeling bored by seeing the home screen of your iPhone, give the colors of black and white life by applying WidgetSmith ideas. Thanks to Apple, who always brought new features for iPhone fans to make it more attractive, handy gadgets, and relatively easy to use. Since iOS 14 has launched, a new feature to customize the home screen with different beautiful widgets.

It is easy to personalize your iOS 14 by downloading an app of WidgetSmith, where you don’t only make an appealing screen but can also organize the widgets and other apps strategically. This excellent app is also available on the latest iPhone devices to enjoy.

You can find this aesthetic WidgetSmith app from the Apple app store for free, where it offers multiple Widgets of different designs for health, finance, photography, etc. There are many features that can be customized, such as size, fonts, colors, themes, background colors, and much more, so you can change according to your preferences. But for additional features, you have to buy them from the Apple store.

In this article, you will get the ideas of different widgets with a description through the WidgetSmith app to make your iOS screen attractive and a brief explanation on how to use it in the following section.

How to Use WidgetSmith Ideas on Your iPhone 

Basically, WidgetSmith is an app with several widget designs. It is available for free on the Apple store. But there is also a paid version with specific designs, multiple themes, and zero in-app ads for $19.99 per year.

You may also install the trial version first and then buy a paid version. Here are the following steps to use the Widget:

  1. Firstly, after opening the widgetsmith app, select the Widget size (small, medium, or large).
  2. Secondly, choose the option of Add widget on the screen and press on it.
  3. Again, press on the Widget to edit or customize.
  4. The next step is to choose the widget style you want from time, calendar, reminder, text, photos, etc. You have to buy the app’s premium version for the weather or tide fall widget.
  5. By scrolling down, you may also change the color, background, font, or other design features. The designs may vary; it depends on the Widget you have chosen.
  6. For instance, you have to choose the Photo from the gallery if you have a photo background.
  7. After being satisfied with the Widget’s appearance, tap on the top left corner of the name.
  8. Again tap on the widget’s name to rename it according to your convenience. And then press the “Save” option in the upper right corner.
  9. Now Exit the app on your iPhone, but the process is not done; go through the later section to make an icon.

How to Make An Widget Icon On The Editing Widget Screen

To make an icon of the widget on the home screen, follow the steps:

Make An Widget Icon On The Editing Widget Screen

  1. On your Home screen, press and hold anywhere until apps start to jiggle.
  2. At the top left corner of the screen, press the “+”
  3. On opening the Apple widget hub, scroll down and find the widgetsmith app, and press on it.
  4. Select the widget size according to your preferences and press on Add Widget It must be of the same size which you have chosen earlier.
  5. Now the widget seems blank. Tap on it while the apps are still jiggling, and widgetsmith will show its name, and you will see a similar name widget with the size you have designed.
  6. Choose your Widget from the list and tap outside the widget of the editing screen.
  7. You may move the widget to get in the way of apps on iPhone. Suppose you don’t want any widget; long press on it and then press the Remove Widget.

Implausible WidgetSmith Ideas To Apply

To make your iPhone’s home screen eye-catching, you can easily create the features of WidgetSmith. You can have multiple ideas; some of the features are described downward:

1. Health And Fitness Widget

While planning widgets in your iPhone, you should choose health as one of the essential factors or the center stage. Ensure to have the tracker progress apps like exercise, step counts, etc. By which you can observe your health and fitness routine. You can also see the health goals as the remainder when you look at the phone every time.

2. Battery Life Widget

You can also track the battery life of all iOS devices from your iPhone through the battery life widget.

3. Time Widget

There are multiple widgets available to meet your needs on iPhone. Time widgetsmith makes your life convenient; you can easily schedule your activities according to your desire and customize time formats per your Widget’s theme.

4. Using WidgetSmith Quotes Ideas

Quote widgets facilitate you by displaying motivational or inspirational quotes and self-care quotes on the iOS Home screen.

5.  Anime Widget

Different anime themes are available for anime lovers to customize their home screens. While in iOS 14, anime icons change the entire display into an anime canvas. A photo widget displays the photo of your favorite characters.

6. Music Widget

Music streaming apps and Apple music deserve a mark on your home screen. It makes it convenient to follow the playlist, and you can also see the previous or next and jump to what you want. You may also set the time for displaying the music widget if you don’t consider the Widget all the time on your screen.

7. Photo Widget

It is better to use photos to make your Home screen visually more tempting. You can also create a slideshow or static photo on the Widget with style thyme to match the wallpaper’s image.

8. Using WidgetSmith Finance Ideas

The finance widget helps track your money, whether you scrutinize investing money in the market, accounts, or spending anywhere. It is pretty handy to know about your account details with a single touch on the Home screen of iOS.

Fonts & Colors Customization of the iPhone WidgetSmith

You may also customize the fonts and colors to make your Widget more appealing. Follow the given steps to personalize the widget:

Fonts & Colors Customization

  1. In the settings app, pick the Style tab and choose the widget according to your choice.
  2. Now choose the Font bar at the bottom of the screen. One more thing to note is that options bars may differ depending on your widget’s choice.
  3. In the Font tab, select a Font from the list.
  4. At the bottom of the screen, choose the Tint Color
  5. Now, choose your Tint Color and select the Background Color of your choice.
  6. Press the back arrow and press the Save tab on the top left corner. Now your Widget is displaying on your Home screen.


Hopefully, the above ideas are worthwhile for you to apply with descriptions of widgets and their uses. It’s high time to give life to your iOS home screen, which is not time-consuming—you just need d few minutes and some creativity. So do share your views in the comment box about the article and how much it is fruitful.

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