6 Tips To Find The Cheapest Internet In London

Cheapest Internet In London
Cheapest Internet In London

High-speed internet is a basic necessity at home, and the office, as most of today’s daily activities are conducted online. There are various internet service providers to choose from, whether you’re moving into a new area or would like to switch to another internet service provider (ISP). In doing so, you’d like to save money and get the best and cheapest internet service to meet your digital prerequisites. 

It would be frustrating to have access to an internet plan that’s over your monthly budget. Fortunately, there are affordable internet plans to help you continue your online operations. Here are the factors you should look for to get the cheapest internet in London to suit your needs. 

1. Research On The Available Internet Plans and Internet Speed 

The first thing to do is check on the available internet service providers available in London. You can quickly search the internet to find the available internet service providers in your area. 

Once you have found suitable ISPs that offer cheap internet in London, check their internet plans and speed. Ensure that they’re offering a regular price and not a promotional one, as it can cost you greatly on your budget in the future. Then, call the ISP’s customer support line to inquire about the internet service and plans. 

Some affordable internet rates may offer poor internet speed. Therefore, it’s important to check the internet speed provided by the ISP. Poor internet traffic is frustrating and can delay your work, and thus, you can test your internet speed using free speed testers available online. 

2. Reduce Your Internet Plan 

The higher the internet plan, the higher the price due to the high internet speed. However, not all families can afford it and look for a cheaper internet alternative. Hence, it’s ideal to choose a lower but still fast-speed internet plan that will reduce your monthly bills and accommodate multiple devices. 

First, consult your internet service provider on the low plans, starting at eight megabits per second (Mbps). Then, get the reduced internet plan and increase your internet speed by using a virtual private network (VPN) or adjusting the router settings. 

A mobile hotspot plan is good for people who don’t use the internet that often. They are flexible and more customizable since you pay for the data you use instead of the set monthly amount. However, you won’t enjoy fast internet speed. Therefore, ensure the mobile plan meets your internet requirements and doesn’t interrupt your daily usage. 

3. Available Discounts 

Another way to find cheap internet is by subscribing to an ISP that offers discounts on their internet service. Most internet service providers offer discounts to make their internet plans affordable for potential customers.  

You can use holiday discounts to buy cheap and affordable internet plans. Just remember that you shouldn’t sign up for anything without understanding all the particulars of their offer—especially what happens when it expires and how much extra they might charge after that point.

4. Get Your Own Internet Devices 

One way to save money to get the cheapest internet in London is by buying a personal router and modem instead of renting them. Internet service providers charge GBP£8 to GBP£12 or USD$10 to USD$15 monthly for these devices, making your internet connection expensive when you add the monthly internet plan. You can get a high-quality modem and router for less than GBP£160 or USD$200 to solve this.  

If you own cable, you can get cheap internet by bundling it with internet service. Most internet service providers offer special discounts for customers who subscribe to service bundling using cable or phone services. It can greatly cut costs and get you cheap internet service. 

The only drawback when buying your modem, router, and cable is that the ISP is not liable for any troubleshooting or support issues it faces. Therefore, the devices should be high-quality to serve you for a long time and get you fast internet cheaply. 

5. Negotiate On Your Internet Bills 

The advertised rate is not necessarily the best price you can get. Rather than negotiating skillfully with a salesperson, remember that polite firmness gets better results in this situation. Ask for a discount on your internet service. You may be surprised at how much you can save. It’s one of the easiest ways to get cheap internet, and it doesn’t require any technical skills or knowledge of the industry.

Maximize your savings and leverage your negotiating power by comparing the rates of other local internet providers. Be confident in expressing your needs and preferences and let them know that you are open to exploring other options. This approach can help you secure a more affordable and tailored internet plan that perfectly suits your needs.

6. Use The Government Or Non-Government Internet Program 

Government and non-government programs are available for low-income families to have access affordable or free internet access. In addition, private companies and non-profit organizations may sponsor the NGO’s internet programs to provide the internet at reduced costs. They offer this internet service to people with a certain income threshold.  

For example, an organization may offer internet for a household for less than GBP£21 or USD$26 per month. You can contact your local service provider to determine the programs available in your area. This way, you can get fast-speed and high-quality internet access in your home at a budget-friendly price. 


Getting the cheapest internet in London can be complicated because of the various internet services available in the region. The good thing is that you can get the best cheap internet service that accommodates your internet demands. Using the above tips will greatly save on your monthly bills and strengthen your budget while using your internet stress-free.