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The game of Chess has a long and checkered past, dating back to 600 A.D. Chess is an adaptation of the Indian game Chaturanga. By 1000 A.D., Persian traders introduced Chess to Europe, and the game of Chess adopted its current form only in the 16th century. Fast-forward to the modern era, and we find that Chess is as popular as ever.

The sales of puzzles and board games went through the roof recently thanks to the pandemic and the ensuing lockdown, and Chess garnered much attention as it is a perennial favorite. The Netflix exclusive Queen’s Gambit also helped immensely rekindle interest in the game. According to The New York Times, Chess hasn’t seen this kind of attention since Bobby Fischer was crowned world champion in 1972.

Whether you are here after getting inspired by Queen’s Gambit or just looking to try your hand at the game, we have you covered. Fans of Chess have never had it better. Whether you’re looking to occupy your time while commuting or waiting to be ushered in for your appointment, Chess apps make it easy to enjoy a game when you have time to kill.

From basic Chess apps to game variants with exciting twists, the list of Chess games for Android listed here will grab your attention, no matter your skill level.


This Chess app is ideal for beginners and those with in-depth knowledge of the game. Millions of players are connected to this game at any given time, making it easy to pair up with an opponent. 

Improve your tactic with the numerous puzzles to help train you. There are plenty of lessons, articles, and access to forums to aid in fine-tuning your game.

2.    Dr. Wolf:

Dr. Wolf is the ideal virtual coach. He plays alongside you and explains the game’s finer points in great detail, making this app a perfect choice for beginners while also courting intermediate players. While the game is on, he gives out strategic information and helps when mistakes are made.

Twenty-five lessons are available if you’re looking for in-depth information about each concept, with ample opportunities for guided practice.

  • MPL Chess:

MPL Chess is also an excellent choice for anyone looking to download Chess game. MPL Chess has a slightly different set of rules from traditional Chess. Each player has 3 minutes to make their move, and should the time-lapse, the game is over. However, every move made gives the players an extra 2 seconds. 

4.    Chess By Ai Factory Limited:

A.I. Factory Limited’s Chess app delivers an involving Chess experience on Android, and it’s truly the best option for people who want to play good old-fashioned Chess. Its simple interface may appear basic, but dig deeper, and you will find that it has many useful features.

There are two versions of the game. One is free and ad-supported; the other is a paid version with additional features like extra boards.

5.    Chessplode:

Chessplode is an exciting departure from the more traditional Chess options online. This version does stir things up, and if you haven’t guessed yet, it’s Chess mixed up with explosions! Curious yet?

When you take an opponent’s piece of the board, the entire row and column will explode, destroying all the related pieces. But, if the king is in that row or column, it won’t be destroyed. Instead, you will have to strategise and traditionally capture the king.

The premise of this game upends traditional Chess strategy, and you may find that a single move can mean the difference between victory and defeat.

6.    Really Bad Chess:

Continuing with unusual Chess variants is yet another version called Really Bad Chess. While it resembles traditional Chess, this game throws the rule book out the window. In place of classic Chess pieces, Really Bad Chess will assign you random pieces and throw you into the game.

That means there is a possibility of ending up with four Knights, three Queens, and so on. There is no balance, and all your usual strategies won’t work here. You will have to improvise and try to have some fun!

7.    Chess Tactics Pro:

Next, we have Chess Tactics Pro, which focuses on puzzles to help you work on your Chess strategy. Chess Tactics Pro offers plenty of Chess-based tactics puzzles capable of improving your skills. There is a wide range of levels, each varying in complexity, and even an analysis engine, so you learn from your mistakes. This game also offers daily puzzles to indulge in some fun. 

8.    Lichess:

 Lichess is a good option for playing Chess on your Android device. While it may lack the robust features in and AI Factory Limited’s version of Chess, it makes up for it with a simple and intuitive interface.

There are multiple modes to keep the game’s veterans interested, with options such as tournaments and puzzles. Computer analysis is available if you wish to know how you could have done better. The main USP of this app is that it is free, without ads or in-app purchases.

Winding Up:

From games to training apps, these are some of the best Chess apps on Android, leaving you spoilt for choice when it comes to a casual game or improving your skills. Some games on this list are for those who have always wished for a different experience where the strict rules of Chess would not apply.