Apple iPhone 15 Launch May Discontinue iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro & more

Apple iPhone 15 Launch May Discontinue
Apple iPhone 15 Launch May Discontinue

After iPhone 15 launches, the company may discontinue several iPhones this year. Maybe Your iPhone 12, iPhone 14 Pro, and others may be on the list. The launch of the iPhone 15 may lead to speculation that various older iPhone models may be phased out of the official list of Apple to sell online in its stores.

It has now become a tradition for Apple to prevent the sales of the latest launched models from being impacted. Last year, when the iPhone 14 was released, Apple stopped selling the iPhone 11 from its official website. So it’s assumed that the trend will continue this year too. From iPhone 12 to iPhone 14, let’s see which iPhone models may face doubt after the launch of the iPhone 15.

Moreover, Apple is expected to release four new models this year, including iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Hence, when these models are released, Apple will have to make some space by killing old iPhones. Different reports say that the obvious guess is on the iPhone 12. It is because Apple rarely keeps any iPhone for more than 3 years.

Furthermore, it has also been said that iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max are the other two models on the list to be discontinued by Apple this year. The iPhone 13 mini is also lined up to be killed off. The reports say that it is expected that iPhone 13 mini will be discontinued, as mini models have not been much famous over the years, and the iphone 12 was removed from the product lineup just two years after its launch.

However, the release of the iPhone 15 is still months away, so we don’t have official insights into Apple’s plans. But the company adopts a true approach to fill out its phone lineup. Meanwhile, we can say that the standard iPhone 14 to stay around, though Apple will likely drop the price by $100. That’s what happens to every base model each year, making the iPhone 14 a prime candidate to remain as Apple’s $699 option.

Hence, with the arrival of the iPhone 15, you will familiarize yourself with Apple’s latest handset. But it’s also a time to say farewell to some models, which will probably drop out of Apple’s iPhone lineup to make way for upcoming models