Apple M3 Pro Chip Feature 12 CPU Cores

Apple M3 Pro Chip Feature 12 CPU Cores

According to the rumors, Apple company is testing an M3 chip with a 12-core processor and 18-core GPU. In the up-to-date reports, a source showed App Store developers a log display of the chippowered running on an unannounced MacBook Pro with macOS 14.

The M3 variant Apple is trying is the base-level M3 Pro, the company tactics to proclaim former next year. Particularly the M3 line is anticipated to benefit from TSMC’s approaching 3nm node progression.

Moreover, the move from 5nm to 3nm would account for the intensification in core concentration. Apple M1 Pro and M2 Pro feature 8 and 10-core CPUs with 14 and 16-core GPUs.

The M3 Pro features 50 percent more CPU cores than its first-generation prototype. As per the reports, Apple has gone even torn apart between high-performance and production cores on the new silicon chip. The chip was spotted organized with 36GB of RAM.’

For framework, the M2 Pro jolts with 16GB of memory, and you can upgrade it to feature up to 32GB of RAM. Before Apple announces the M3 Pro, the company must first announce the standard M3 chip. The first Macs with M3 chips will probably activate at the end of the year or early next year.

Meanwhile, Apple will probably announce its up-to-date Mac, the long-alleged 15-inch MacBook Air, at the WWDC 2023 following month.

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