Apple Release iOS 16.4 Beta Bringing New Features & Some Progress

Apple Release iOS 16.4 Beta Bringing New Features
Apple Release iOS 16.4 Beta Bringing New Features

Apple company launches iOS 16.4 beta 4 to beta testers on Thursday, 16th March. It means the inclusive opening of iOS 16.4 is possibly on hand, and beta testers can now try out newfangled iOS features. However, these features are accessible just to those who are a part of the Apple Beta Software Program.

Below are some features testers can find in the iOS 16.4 beta.

  • Apple ID and Beta Software Update: With the iOS 16.4 beta, developers and beta testers can check whether their Apple ID is associated with the developer Beta or public Beta. Furthermore, suppose you have diverse Apple IDs, such as one for your job and the other one for personal use. Though one of your Apple IDs can access beta updates, iOS 16.4 beta lets you shift that account from your device.
  • Music App Update: The Music app UI has changed in the iOS 16.4 beta. When you add a song to the queue, a small banner closes the bottom of your screen as an alternative to a full-screen pop-up.
  • Apple Books Update: When you turn a page in an e-book on your iOS, the page is shot to one side of your screen. Beta testers can select these other page-turn animations besides the curl animation. In the iOS 16.4 beta 4, a new pop-up appears when you open Apple Books for the first time after installing the update. It lets you know how to modify your page, turn animation, theme, and more.
  • New Emojis: The iOS 16.4 beat software brought 31 new emojis to your iOS device. These emojis include new animals, smiley, and heart colors.
  • Apple Podcasts: This update allows you to access podcast channels you subscribe to in your Library. Moreover, you can use Up Next to resume podcast episodes you have started and remove episodes you want to skip.
  • Mastodon Links in Messages: The iOS 16.4 beta upgrade let a preview of Mastodon links in Messages, as with Twitter.
  • AppleCare: The update lets you check who and what devices are enclosed on your AppleCare plan in the Settings app. the menu will display a minor icon next to each device that covers under AppleCare.
  • New Apple Wallet Widgets: You can add 3 new order stalking widgets for Apple Wallet to your home screen with the iOS 16.4 beta. The widgets show your tracking info on active orders but are of different sizes, small, medium, and large.
  • Extra Accessibility Options: The new options are offered, like Dim Flashing Lights, which can be found in the motion menu in the settings
  • New Siri Voice Language & Keyboards: The 16.4 beta added keyboards for the Choctaw languages have come to Korean, Ukrainian, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu. Moreover, there are new Siri Voices for Arabic and Hebrew.

However, these will not be the only features released with the iOS 16.4 beta update.

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