Breaking the Internet- Virality Concept, Benefit and How to Use it Effectively

Breaking the Internet
Breaking the Internet

Breaking the bank has become a prevalent phrase these days. It is a phrase that describes virality, a process where content such as a piece of information, video, or image is shared or circulated rapidly and widely over the internet from one end of the world to the other. It Is an excessive trend of a piece of information over an extended period. Breaking the internet often means everyone viewing a link or sharing a video where all those who see the content become obsessed with such content.  In most cases, entertaining or nasty videos usually break the internet more frequently than other types of content.

What Types of Contents Break the Internet?

There are so many ways you can break the internet today. For instance, you can start a cyberwar by deploying a malware or phishing system targeted at large businesses to steal sensitive information or expose the government’s shady deals. The targeted companies or government may work with an internet ISP to track such illegal activities in a situation like this.

Entertainment videos like the tattoo or body part of a celebrity may also break the internet. Anti-social activities like riots, explicit social activities from celebrities, musical performances, and record-breaking sports events and actions can also break the internet.

How to Create an Internet-breaking Content

There are some strategies you need to deploy to make your content grow viral, and these are explained below;

  1. Discover a Great Hook

When it comes to social media, your followers want to know upfront what they want to view. This is the reason why you should find a great hook. This could be a catchy title to your content, and it must draw some attention so that people can click the link and watch it.

People will decide whether to click and share your content based on the headline you put. According to social media experts, you must create a compelling headline by including actionable information. You may want to use an alarming statistic or the positives of taking specific action.

You can also create a hook by promising an emotional response; for instance, you can title a video as “This video will make you cry.”

  1. Create a Content That is Worth Sharing

Many people jump to content creation without finding the hook. Once you have successfully gained followers’ attention with your hook, you must deliver the information or emotion you promised.

Make your content different from anything out there. You can review something similar out there and then add more value to yours and make it different somehow. When people are moved emotionally, they will likely share your content and make it break the internet.

You need to create content that evokes feelings because your followers will be momentarily attached to such videos. Influencers invoke emotions on social media by talking about their struggles and even giving the formula for success, and you may want to add some solution to your videos too, to make them go viral and break the internet.

  1. Understand Your Audience

The chances of your content breaking the internet will largely depend on your audience and how they respond to it.

Therefore, it would be best to make your audience your priority because it is the first step towards virality. You must understand the reasons why your followers are following you. If you understand their background and post contents that will fulfill their fantasies or desires, then your content will always go viral.

Just before you build your audience, you should build your brand. Identify your niche area, where you are an expert, then identify the type of audience that will accept this niche. Just because everyone is creating entertaining content does not mean you will be a good entertainer. You may be better off with engineering, political or economic content.

Once you understand your space and what your audience wants, you may experiment with different content and watch their reactions. Some experts believe that whoever tests the most wins; hence the period of tests will help you ascertain what they want the most.

  1. Make the Content More Visually Appealing

According to a recent study. Infographics are the most shared content, especially on social media. The reason for this is that the nature of the content makes complex topics much simpler and easier to read. Most people grasp infographics more quickly, especially in a world where contents are generated more quickly.

Infographics are not the only strategies you can use to create content that can break the internet, and you need to create a powerful timeline and excellent image and then share promptly. You need to understand when most of your followers come online, and you can time your posts to this period. You may have to monitor how quickly or slowly your followers respond to your content to determine the best time to share them.

It would be best if you also considered posting one video across all your social media profiles to boost engagement. The more social media profiles you share a single video on, the higher your odds of getting it viral. A mix of still images with videos tends to work better than just posting videos only, and this fact was stated by the experts.


It is important to note that longer contents are not always better, especially for videos. Since most people watch your content on mobile devices, it means they are multi-tasking or on the move when watching your content. The key to making your contents break the internet is to engage your viewers quickly with an attention-grabbing thumbnail image and then end the video just before they get bored and move to another activity. Make sure the end of your content creates a lasting impression; it could make the viewers awed, cry, laugh or invoke any other type of reaction. Followers want more consistency, and that is how you keep them loyal. You may need to keep editing some contents to make them even more worthy to be shared online and make them go viral.