Canva Reveals a Series of New Features, Including AI-Powered Tools In a Major Software Update

Canva Reveals a Series of New Features
Canva Reveals a Series of New Features

Canva unveils many new features, several AI-powered tools, and a new brand Hub. The company announces the new features and updates during its Canva create virtual event today.

The company is bringing in Assistant, which permits users to search for design elements and offers quick access to features. The tools can also offer you design suggestions on graphics and styles that match your existing design. Assistant offers quick access to AI-powered design tools such as MagicWrite, an AI-powered copy assistant launched in December.

Most new features are intended to make creating content such as advertising materials, social media graphics, and presentations more accessible to those without professional design experience. MagicWrite will be available within all Canva project types, from presentations to social media graphics and others.

Moreover, Canva also launched a modern way to generate presentations automatically. You can go to the editor to make various presentations with an outline and content on every slide. As for design, the new Magic design tool allows people to upload a picture and then prefer a style to get an organized selection of personalized templates you can customize.

Another new Magic edit feature allows you to add or replace anything in an image. You can spot where you wish to add something and then explain it to Magic edit. And on the other hand, the Magic eraser feature lets you remove unnecessary details in the image by brushing over the area.

Moreover, Canva also introduces “Beat Sync” which directly matches video footage to a soundtrack of your choice, together with a new “translate” feature that directly translates text in designs to over 100 languages.

Additionally, the new AI-powered tool, Canva, reveals sets of new features that users have requested. Initially, the company introduced ” Draw,” which allows you to sketch a simple shape, such as a circle, and then transform it into a neat, polished circle. A new layout feature lets users add content to a page and get suggestions for layout ideas for a design, whereas “styles” allow users to browse recommended color palettes and fonts. A new “layers” tool can be used to see all components in one place, including shapes, images, videos, and texts.

Canva’s new update also supports Alt Text, which means you can give extra control to your images and elements to explain them to those with visual damage or accessibility needs. The update also brings 953 new fonts.

The canva is soon also launching Brand Hub, a list of new tools and features intended to help teams stay on brand. The Hub involves a new “Magic replace” tool that lets users instantly update brand assets like logos, designs, etc. also; the Hub includes tools that assist you in making a brand template, guidelines, and folders. Admins can also support workflows directly in Canva to ensure that designed are reviewed and accepted before publication.

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