Common Hard Drive Failure & 100% Working Solutions

Hard Drive Failure solutions
Hard Drive Failure solutions

No matter what system or device people use, the primary and the most important part of the device is the storage. Every document, image, video, and other important data is saved on the storage device. Although RAM is also used by the system for holding data until the system is powered off. But, it is not capable to save the data for a longer time. This is the reason why hard disk drives are used for permanent data storage. But, what if, the hard disk goes corrupt? Or some internal issues begin to occur and resultantly it loses your data. Then what would you do? In this article, we shall discuss the common hard disk problems and their solutions.

  1. Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects are caused by the faults in the production of the devices like improper power supply, wires not properly connected, and other problems that cause hard drive failure. Let’s now look at the reasons and the solutions.


  • The hard drive freezes at the system startup.
  • Sometimes the system cannot detect the hard disk mounted at all.
  • The system fails to boot from the hard drive.


The first and foremost solution to this problem is to contact the manufacturers and request a return. However, the manufacturers do not provide any kind of return policy and also they do not offer any kind of guarantee as well. Furthermore, the hard drive failure occurs then we would recommend to save or recover the data with a data recovery tool

   2. Electronic Failure

This issue occurs only when the power supply is not enough for the system to sustain. The UPS is also used for providing electricity but the UPS power supply is not enough to sustain the high power the system requires to stay on. Let’s see the symptoms and the solutions to this issue.


  • Routine hard disk startup failure.
  • System BIOS unable to find the hard drive.
  • Not enough power for the hard drive to spin up.


To solve this issue please make sure that the system hardware and the hard drive are getting proper and uninterrupted power supply. Use branded and good quality UPS power supplies or use an electricity connection with a good and strong electricity power supply.

   3. Overheating Issue Of The Hard Drive

Overheating issues occurs when the CPU fan is not working properly, at room temperature, high power supply. The overheating issue can cause hard drive failure and the entire system failure as well. Let us not see the symptoms and the solutions to the issue.


System reboots more frequently.

Fans are not working properly.

Weird clicking sounds from the system hardware.

The device gets heated after a few minutes you start it.


To prevent hard drive failure from the heating issue is to maintain the temperature inside the system and outside the system in the room. Make sure the fan is working properly fine and the heat is continuously thrown out of the system. And make sure you use your system in a good cold place.

   4. Corrupt File In The Hard Disk

To prevent or avoid hard drive failure make sure to use genuine and purchased versions of the software. Do not power off the system directly from the power supply, use the proper way to turn off the computer. File corruption is one of the major reasons why hard drive failure occurs. Let us see now see the symptoms and the solutions to this problem.


  • Some files get corrupted.
  • The hard drive becomes inaccessible because of a corrupted file.


Make sure to shut down the pc or laptop. Sometimes the pc remains in sleep mode and it keeps running continuously make sure you do not do this. Before shutting down pc make sure to close all the applications properly.