Final Fantasy XIV Expansion “Stormblood” is Now Available to Download

Final Fantasy XIV Expansion
Final Fantasy XIV Expansion

Final Fantasy 14’s ” Stormblood ” expansion is now available to install for free, but only for a “Limited time only.”

Although this expansion is six years old, now it is available for free (As long as you have an active paid subscription, they are not offering it for free to players on a trial basis or without a subscription.)

From now, users can install the expansion until 8th May, 7:30 pm IST; the MMORPG’s second big expansion following Heavensward can be installed across all platforms for new and existing owners of the final fantasy 14 online starter edition.

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However, ongoing the dangerously acclaimed story from Heavensward, Stormblood takes players to new faraway locales, commences new playable jobs, continues the engrossing main scenario questline, and more,” teases Square Enix.

Though the game is not completely free-to-play. In order to join the game, you must have an active service subscription. However, there’s no 30-day free subscription trial available.

Moreover, you must also ensure you install the right version on your PC, as steam stresses that PC and Steam “are treated as separate platforms.” So if you have FFXIV on steam, install the free version through the PC client; they won’t be compatible.

Simon Parkin assessed Stormblood, saying it is a suggested badge and describing it as “a lavish and satisfying upgrade to the final fantasy, particularly multiplayer online game. However, it has a convincing storyline; it may be a little challenging for players who are not completely dedicated.

Producer Yoshida revealed that Patch 6.4, known as Dark Throne, will launch in “late May 2023, carrying the conclusion of the Pandæmonium raid series and the persistence of the main scenario questline, the Warrior of Light.

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