Finally, Users Can Use WhatsApp on More Than One Phone

Users Can Use WhatsApp on More Than One Phone
Users Can Use WhatsApp on More Than One Phone

WhatsApp is an enormously popular social media platform but has constantly waddled overdue for multi-device support. Not long ago, you could not even hand over your chats when setting up a new phone device, let unaccompanied access your WhatsApp account on other devices, such as a laptop or tablet.

However, another reliable relief point is the inability to use your WhatsApp account on multiple smartphones. Fortunately, that’s new and deep-rooted news as well.

WhatsApp declared the modification on Tuesday, 24 April, on the app’s official blog, hyping it as an extremely demanded feature by users.

It means users can now log into WhatsApp on smartphones other than their main device, by their iPhones or Androids, together with the present skill to access your account from tablets, desktops, or browsers. So users have a 4-device limit to pick cautiously.

How to use WhatsApp on Another Smartphone?

First, grab your phone and install WhatsApp. Then you have two options to open your account on your new device.

  • You can select the usual option by entering your phone number.
  • Users can choose the new link to the existing account option. You can scan the QR code on your other smartphone to establish the connection.

How to Select A New Primary Device?

Additionally, users have to remember which phone WhatsApp is their primary device. WhatsApp delicacies the original smartphone you signed in on as the primary, which does not staple for utmost use cases.

However, if a user doesn’t use WhatsApp on the primary device for 14 days, the application will log you out on all allied devices.

If you want to switch out your primary device, install a new version of WhatsApp on your new phone. After that, log in using your phone number rather than the connecting setting deliberated below. WhatsApp will robotically indulge the new phone as your primary.