Amazon Firestick With Alexa Remote Not Working

There are several things on which we need to pay attention to the work of Amazon Fire Stick Remote. The battery can be the main reason behind the amazon fire stick remote not working. If you notice any dirt on the remote (+) and (-) connectors, clean them before placing the battery in the compartment.

Although this is a reliable device there are instances when its remote might not be working properly. This is what we will be addressing today as we tackle how to fix Amazon Fire TV remote not working issues.

Pair Fire TV Remote
Pair Fire TV Remote

How to Verify if your Fire TV Remote is Connected to your Fire TV?

To notice if your Fire TV remote is connecting to your Fire TV box or dongle you need to head to the settings menu.

  1. Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices.
  2. Amazon Fire TV Remotes

This will explain to you what devices are currently paired and from here you can see if your remote is connecting. In my case when fiddling with the batteries my remote would seem here for a few minutes then disappear.

How to Pair Fire TV Remote?

All you need to do is turn on your TV and start streaming. However, your remote will lose connection many times with your Fire TV and needs to be paired manually. Here are the several steps you need to follow-

  • To pair your Fire TV/Stick remote, unplug and plug back in your device.
  • At the home screen, press and hold down the Home Button on your remote for up 30 seconds.
  • A message will be shown in the bottom right corner of the screen acknowledging the pairing is complete.
  • If it does not, press and hold the Home button again for up to 30 seconds. Repeat the task until you can’t get connected.
FireStick Remote Stopped Working
FireStick Remote Stopped Working

Main Reasons Why FireStick Remote Stopped Working

Reason 1: Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Reason 2: Restart All the Devices

Reason 3: Remote Can be Damaged

Reason 4: Remote Button Stopped Working

Reason 5: Remote isn’t Pairing Properly

Fire Stick Remote Batteries
Fire Stick Remote Batteries

Reason 1: Check the Fire Stick Remote Batteries

The first thing that you need to do whenever your remote stops working you needs to check the batteries of your remote. If you got something wrong then Remove batteries from the back of the remote and put them back in. put the new batteries into the remote and try again. because of the high streaming capacity, remote batteries need tons of power.

This is the first and easiest strategy to check the issues with the firestick remote. If you still didn’t succeed in accessing your Firestick, we may need to re-pair this gadget.

Reset All the Devices
Reset All the Devices

Reason 2: Restart/Reset All the Devices

Many times, A simple restart can be hard to have. You can restart the FireStick device by simply unplugging it, waiting for 30 seconds, and plugging it back in. If all else fails, you can always reset your Fire Stick. All you have to do is replace the batteries in the remote.

  • Install the Amazon Fire TV app on your smartphone.
  • Now, Pair the application with your FireStick and navigate to Settings.
  • Select My Fire TV and then Tap on Restart.

Note: The following steps don’t reset your FireStick to factory settings. They simply do reset and unpair your remote and pair it again with FireStick.

FireStick remote Damaged
FireStick remote Damaged

Reason 3: Remote Can be Damaged

If the remote is still not working, then there is a chance that the remote is damaged. Search them up on Amazon search bar and you will easily find a good replacement remote to use. You can find a good remote with good customizability options.

All these remotes can be third-party remotes sold by individual merchants. So before you purchase, check out the ratings of the seller.

Remote Button Stopped Working
Remote Button Stopped Working

Reason 4: Remote Button Stopped Working

If your remote isn’t paired, try pairing your device by holding down the Home.  if it still doesn’t get paired. then there can be issues related to your remote buttons.

One of the most popular replacement remotes is the iPazzPort Mini Wireless Keyboard. iPazzPort has numerous keyboards available, including both a Bluetooth and a USB model. it can be the simplest alternative for the firestick remote.

Remote isn't Pairing Properly
Remote isn’t Pairing Properly

Reason 5: Remote isn’t Pairing Properly

One of the most happening reasons why your Fire Stick Remote does not function properly is because maybe it is not appropriately paired with the device.

  • Plugin FireStick into Your TV’s HDMI port.
  • FireStick and your TV should be powered on.
  • When FireStick boots up, hold down the ‘Home’ button on the remote for at least 10 to 15 seconds.
  • This should pair the Amazon FireStick remote and it must start working.
firestick remote solution
firestick remote solution

Other Solutions for Firestick Remote Issues

1.) There can be Distance Issues- The distance between the Amazon Fire Stick remote from the device is a factor to consider. Sometimes, just because of the distance these kinds of issues happen. The remote works well when it is within 10 feet area of the device.

2.) With the Help of Bluetooth-TheFireStick remote connects to the device via Bluetooth and not infrared rays. This only means that the remote and FireStick do not have to be in the line of sight of each other. But, keeping the device inside a cabinet or in an enclosure might obstruct the signals.

3.) Interference Issues- Try not to keep a lot of electrical devices near FireStick as it may cause interference in the signal.

Firestick Remote App

For those of you who like to keep everything as simple as possible, Amazon also has a Firestick/Fire TV Remote app that can be installed on your iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, or another tablet.

This application is located in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store and is 100% free.

Many find that installing this is more reliable than the original remote as they always have their phones handy while streaming. If that is the case for you, I highly recommend the Firestick Remote App.

This tool functions in the same matter as the original device with a couple of extra bonuses. One of the biggest features of the app is the keyboard it provides. This suggests you can now type with ease when searching on your device.

Another advantage of using the firestick remote app is the provided Alexa Voice control button. Older Firestick and Fire TV devices do not have the Alexa feature making the app an excellent choice to upgrade your remote.

FAQ’s Section

Q: How do I reset my Firestick remote?
A: We, Provides step by step guide to reset the Firestick Remote. by resetting, you can get rid of all these types of issues.
Q: Can I use my Firestick without a Remote?
A: Yes, you can use your firestick without the help of a remote. If you have any android and ios devices then you can install the application of firestick remote and take the help of it.
Q: Can I Buy just a Firestick Remote?
A: Yes, You can buy a firestick remote. you can buy it with the help of Alexa voice from amazon.



I hope all the issues related to the firestick remote get solved. Make sure you try each step several times. if you still facing any issue regarding firestick share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below. we think it would be best to buy a new remote.

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