Get Crypto Without Buying It? A Micro Task Platform JumpTask

Micro Task Platform JumpTask
Micro Task Platform JumpTask

You don’t need to spend your money to get started in crypto. Even though it’s been a hot topic for years now, with bitcoin still leading the way, many people are skeptical about it. They are interested in the market, but most hesitate to get involved. Why?

Most of the time, people assume they have to put their own money and buy crypto tokens. In truth, these can go up and down in value like any other investment. But what if there was a way to start with cryptocurrencies without purchasing them?

Apparently, there is. In 2022, a new platform called JumpTask was launched. Their team claims they offer tasks for people to complete and earn cryptocurrency. Let’s see what JumpTask is and how it delivers on its promises.

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a micro task platform allowing people to earn crypto without investment. Essentially, it’s a risk-free way to get started. The platform has its own token – JumpToken (JMPT), which users get for task completions. And since these jobs are small and simple, it’s a great way to earn crypto without feeling overwhelmed. So how does it work?

You need only one thing to start earning. Just as you store your dollars in a bank account, you need something to carry your tokens – a crypto wallet. How to create one on JumpTask? No worries: a new wallet is automatically created for you when you use social logins. 

After that, you are all set. The good thing about JumpTask is that you can start earning crypto in many different ways. Some allow you to earn completely passively, while others require some of your effort. It sounds good initially, but let’s dive deeper into the actual tasks to learn more.

What Should I Do On JumpTask?

There are several earning types on JumpTask to get JMPT. To be fair, some might think that tasks are too simple. Others might want more complex work and higher rewards. However, JumpTask started only this year and already has 4+ earning types, not to mention crypto staking opportunities (more on that later). Consequently, JumpTask makes for a good beginner side hustle option.

To start with, you can get passive crypto income by sharing your internet bandwidth. That’s right. First, you need to download a passive income app called Honeygain, a partner of JumpTask. Next, you leave the app running in the background of your device while it earns JMPT. We were initially skeptical, but it still works even if you won’t make millions from it.

If you want to boost your crypto earnings, you can also complete small tasks. The two methods that offer this are Offerwalls and Surveys. The former allows you to solve interesting puzzles, try out the latest apps or watch amusing videos. And the Surveys earning type will enable you to share your opinions and earn JMPT in return.

In truth, there are other earning types on JumpTask, but you can discover these on the platform yourself. However, now a more important question is: is there anything to do to increase one’s earnings with this side hustle? 

How to Maximize JMPT Rewards?

Indeed, earnings from tasks won’t make you a millionaire. While $50 in JMPT per month or more is certainly possible, some might point out that the reward is not substantial enough. Nevertheless, you can put your JumpTokens to work to earn more. How?

The method is called crypto staking. Never heard of it? It works like a simple savings account – you deposit money and earn interest on your holdings. On JumpTask, you deposit your existing tokens, which generate JMPT rewards. To finish our review, let’s look at other reasons you might want to consider JumpTask as a place to earn cryptocurrency. 

Why Should I Try JumpTask?

Besides the benefits of earning crypto without putting money in, JumpTask offers flexibility. All tasks are simple and do not require a significant time investment. This allows you to manage micro tasks with your studies or work efficiently.

Finally, although the platform is relatively new, it has already attracted more than 1M active members worldwide. So whatever country you are reading this article from, you could be earning cryptocurrency on JumpTask.


To conclude, JumpTask delivers on its promise to help you start in crypto without putting any money down. True, the platform has some limitations regarding more advanced tasks. However, the platform’s team is releasing new earning types regularly. As a result, JumpTask is a solid first step in the crypto world – make sure to take it and see if this side hustle works for you.