Google Is The Ultimate Search Engine – The Importance Of Google

Search Engine
Search Engine

Why is Google so successful? That is the question everybody keeps asking. How Google has become so successful and the best search engine in the world? There is no denying the importance of Google today on the internet and consumes a great amount of traffic on the internet. Numerous characteristics of search engines make it the most widely used search engine in the world.

Google has become so famous that primarily everyone just “Google” everything. The reason why everybody prefers Google over other search engines is that it displays the best search results quickly.

The need for Google is unavoidable as everybody questions search engines for solutions, for everything whatever the query is. According to a calculation Google processes over 3.5 billion search queries per day. The database that Google uses is amazingly organized and fast.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

Why Google Is The Best?

Google query processing capability is tremendous. It does not only calculate the site relevance by the query or keyword you type in to find something but also through the number of pages and links pointing back to the linking site. Google has been successfully declared the most used and the most accurate search engine in the US market and can manage 3 billion pages every day.

Google Search Engine
Google Search Engine

What Is Google’s Strategy?

Google made this success after hard work and consistency for years. Google is best at understanding the user’s search intent behind the queries and can find you the best, the most accurate, and the most relevant search results that match the queries. The reliability of Google search results has made it the most trustable and satisfactory search engine on the internet.

Google returns simple, better, and accurate results. The users always like the search results Google returns, based on the queries users search for and the user is always happy. Happy users always convert into permanent users. And the fact is, the repeated users always become loyal and permanent customers of the platform increasing the importance of Google.

Better Results Always

Returning better, more accurate, and relevant results has made Google and reliable source for finding and extracting data and information on the internet. As a result, users began to leave other search engines like MSN,, AltaVista, Bing, and other search engines to get better search results that provided relevant and accurate search results faster that have further increased the importance of Google.

Google’s trust has increased over the past years by doing:

  • Consistently upgrading the search algorithm (the technology and the process for collecting and consolidating all the relevant information)
  • Focusing on the customers and the users, the intent of the user, and the satisfaction of the users.

As a result of the above steps and endeavors, the importance of Google has successfully become a common name that everyone knows. As of now, none of us can execute anything without going to Google at least once a day.


Google does not need any kind of introduction as it has become the most powerful and the most used and the best search engine on the internet today. Google is capable of returning the most accurate and the most relevant search results against the keywords and the search queries. The importance of Google is undeniable for everybody across the globe.

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