Google will Start Deleting Inactive Accounts on December 1

Google will Start Deleting Inactive Accounts on December 1

From December 1, 2024, Google is set to remove Gmail data and images belonging to inactive accounts.

The Vice President of Product and Management of Google, Ruth Kricheli, proclaimed in May that

“Starting later this year if a Google account has not been in used or signed into for two years. We may delete that account and its contents, including Google Workspace content like Gmail, Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, and Google Photos.”

Moreover, Ruth Kricheli said that.

“It does not take much to keep your account. Suppose you want to keep your account lively; sign in to your Google account for at least two years. Instead of that, you can read an email, watch a YouTube video, or use Google Search though logging into your account.”

In August, Google sent out a mail to all its users to remind them of the change. That there would be prompts before the change goes into outcome. However, the reason for this happening is cyber security concerns.

Google’s policy modification has not been without opponents. On X (formerly known as Twitter), user comments surrounding the Google account removal were about the inactive accounts of dead friends and family.

Former Twitch CEO wrote that deleting old accounts with YouTube or Blogger content was like sidekick the Commons. Hope no one believes Google with anything vital.

Google offers a way for its users to request access to the accounts of their deceased loved ones. However, it acclaims that users take action to make plans via its inactive account manager.