Google Will Allegedly Expose Big AI Updates At I/O      

Google Will Allegedly Expose Big AI Updates At I/O 
Google Will Allegedly Expose Big AI Updates At I/O      

Google’s I/O (annual developers conference) will be held tomorrow, and rumors have exposed that the main AI-based updates will be broadcast at the show.

As per the rumors, a giant factor will be a new large language model (LLM) that is Google’s most recent and progressive model and PaLM 2 for general use. The LLM has accomplished various encrypting and math assessments, creative writing tests, and analyses.

However, the PaLM 2 was declared in April 2022, months before apps like ChatGPT successfully powered the current AI chatbot. Moreover, Google will also publicize a generative experience for search and bandits AI-powered chatbot that launched as an experiment in March, including increasing Bard to Japanese and Korean languages.

While Bard is only available in the US and the UK, Google will expose more Workstation-focused AI tools, including deliberating pattern generation in sheets and picture generation in its Photographs and Encounter products.

The firm proclaimed AI features for Gmail and Docs in March but launched them first with righthand testers. So we will have to delay and see if these new features remain imperfect or will be accessible more extensively.

Google did not instantly reply to a demand for comment. But the company might make a large AI splish-splash at Google I/O. With the intensification of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Microsoft’s Coploit, Google has recently made AI visible and focused on practically everything it does.

The I/O would not only concentrate on AI (artificial intelligence). The firm has already announced the Google Pixel fold and promised to share more about it at the event. I/O aptitudes to be a jam-packed display, and the amusing begins at 1 PM ET on Wednesday, May 10th.