10+ Free Best AI Software [2024]

best AI software

In recent years, the demand for AI Software has grown significantly. Companies from large to small are adopting Artificial Intelligence to stay competitive and boost productivity.

In this post, we have shared the best AI software for your business to upgrade your productivity and stay on top of your competitors.

What is AI Software?

Artificial Intelligence software is basically a computer program that reproduces human intelligence and executes tasks that necessitate human intellectual skills. AI works on intricate algorithms, machine learning models, and neural networks to analyze huge volumes of data, identify patterns, and make smart conclusions.

Moreover, AI and machine learning skills are embedded inside applications that offer users functionality like task automation or predictive capabilities. These apps make the business process simpler and easier with artificial intelligence.

The top features of artificial intelligence are machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), big data processing, speech and voice reorganization virtual assistants. The machine learning feature generates the response that is based on the criteria a user will input. However, the response includes creating content, designing or editing images, audio transcribing, checking lines of code, and many more.

Currently, most social media platforms, streaming services, e-commerce sites, mapping apps, and translation applications use AI to develop their user experience.

Benefits of AI Software

  • Expand Workforce: Artificial intelligence can expand human skills and expertise. That leads to a more skilled and effective workforce. AI can support workers in their tasks, offer real-time management and recommendations, and allow them to control AI generative insights efficiently. The collective approach of AI and human progress overall business working performance ultimately leads to increased revenue.
  • Cost Reduction: Programming tasks and enhancing procedures minimizes costly errors and the need for manual interference in many areas. However, it results in price savings for businesses.
  • Boosted Decision Making: AI appraises large datasets that users can use helpful insights from their AI tools. It can find trends, patterns, and connections that may not be readily apparent to human analysts, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and stay ahead of the opposition.
  • Competitive Advantage: With AI, businesses can gain a competitive edge in the market, from improving digital marketing campaigns to improving sales guesses and allowing better product development. That lets users drive innovation and capture the market early with innovative and compact results.
  • Personalized Customer Experience: Users can also analyze customers’ data and behavior with AI. They offer services tailored to their customer’s requirements and offer customized customer support. It will boost your retention, devotion, and customer approval rates.

Types of AI Software

  1. AI Chatbots: The AI chatbot tool will give the effect that a human is doing in a conversation. 
  2. AI Platforms: These platforms allow their users to develop an application from scratch using the pre-built algorithms.
  3. Machine learning Software: This kind of Artificial intelligence feature uses a technique that makes the computer learn through data.
  4. Generative AI: This AI technique uses neural networks to identify the patterns and structure within existing data to generate new content-creation games.
  5. Deep Learning Software: The deep learning Artificial intelligence software allows its users to get speech reorganization and image recognition.

10 Best AI Software

Artificial intelligence software or tools are only as controlling as the person who uses them. Therefore, it is crucial to do your research before utilizing them for your work team. However, there is a wide range of AI tools in the market that you can select for your business.

Here, we have listed the 10 best AI tools that help you in content writing, coding meetings, customer relationship management, customer support, and sales.



ChatGPT was established by OpenAI and released in November 2022. It is the best AI software for creative content writing, and ChatGPT is well known for its communication with its users conversationally. Users can use this AI to brainstorm ideas, generate outlines, crea

Pricing of ChatGPT.02
GPT-4 8K$0.03 per 1K Tokens
GPT-4 32k$0.06 per 1k Tokens
GPT-3.5 Turbo$0.002 per 1k tokens

NOTE: The image models of ChatGPT begin from $0.016 per image for 256 x 256 resolution, 512 x 512 costs $0.018 per image, and 1024 x 1024 costs $0.020 per image.

Fast responseBias from the data to train the model
Helps to research processData is not used from an authoritative source.
Text audio and image models 



Jasper is a suite of AI copilot that focuses on supplementing digital content marketing efforts in social media platforms. Furthermore, this tool has different features, including AI content writing templates, chatbots that offer customer and user assistance art and image generation for ads and thumbnails, automated marketing campaigns, and smart understanding for brands.

Pricing Plans of Jasper
Creator$39 per month for one user
Team$125 monthly for 3 users
BusinessContact Jasper’s sales team
Generate professional marketing content.Confusing user interface
The software works in 30-plus languages 

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio

Azure Machine Learning Studio is considered one of the best AI Software for data analysis and scientists. It is designed to help ML engineers and data scientists train and deploy models and manage the MLOps lifecycle. This software offers many features to its users. Including data labeling, automated machine learning, open-source libraries and frameworks, hybrid and multi-cloud computing models, and deployment monitoring and analyses.

Pricing Plans of Azure Machine Learning Studio
ClassicProduction Web API
Free Standard: $99.9 monthlyFree trial Standard S1: $100.13 monthlyStandard S2: $1000.06 monthlyStandard S3: $9999.98 monthly
Easy to useHefty price amount
Document is inclusive and effective technical support 

IBM Watsonx

IBM Watsonx

One of the best highly modular AI governance tools is IBM Watsonx. This user-friendly AI tool is developed by Watson and works across AI model building, open data lakehouse storage, conversational AI chatbots, task and efficiency management, and code generation and assistance. However, users can choose other software and AI assistance services from IBM Watsonx, including watsonx.ai, watsonx.data, watsonx.governance, watsonx Assistance, watsonx orchestrate, watsonx code assistance.

Pricing plans of IBM Watsonx
Free trialUpto 30 days
Essentials$3 per hour
Standard$1050 monthly
Many features of AI modelPricing models are a bit confusing
Smooth customer experienceLimited capabilities of language

Google AI

Google AI

Google Bard AI is counted as one of the best AI tools for research and training that helps developers and businesses build and deploy AI-powered apps. This AI software also offers Google Bard generative AI solutions based on Palm that generate text based on queries like ChatGPT.

NOTE: Contact the Google sales team for the price of Google AI.

Support TPUsTake time to learn
Large scale trainingChallenging to learn for new users
Easy to train 



It is the most widely used virtual assistant app that was developed by the Microsoft Bing search engine. Provide a multitude of functions, like answering questions and providing reminders. It can perform your daily automated tasks like placing an order, switching on the light, setting the alarm, etc. However, you can set this AI into your preferred language.

Support different languagesSome features are only accessible in the United States
Offers many features 

Nvidia Deep Learning AI

Nvidia Deep Learning AI

The deep learning AI of Nvidia is a pack of products that is designed to be dedicated to deep learning and machine intelligence. This AI software depends on accelerating graphic processing units and delivers it when users need it. Moreover, Nvidia deep learning AI develops predictive analytics that suit the developer’s project and continuously elevates their work.

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Helped in workload managementToo much pricey
Available in most of the cloud software 



Writesonic is an AI writing software that generates blogs, ads, social media posts, emails, webpages, and more 10x faster. If you have a business or if you are a writer, then you know that Seo is important. Writesonic AI tool will also cover your SEO-related issues as it is trained on a massive dataset of SEO-optimized and plagiarism checkers.

Pricing Plans of Writesonic
Free trial10000 words
ProStarts at $12.67 monthly
EnterpriseContact Writesonic
Advanced features for business and writersThe free trial is limited to just one user
Create high-quality content 

GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot

If you are looking an AI software for coding, GitHub Copliot will be the best for you. This AI is designed by OpenAI codes. The Github Copilot AI pair programmer turns your natural speech into code with autocomplete suggestions in different languages, including C++, JavaScript, Go, Python, and TypeScript. Furthermore, this tool also provides many integrations for testing with other tools like Visual Studio Code, Veovim, and JetBrains IDEs to make your work easier.

Pricing Plans of Hithub Copilot
Individual$10 monthly
EnterprisePer user $19 monthly
Provide integration with other tools.Debug assistance lacks in-depth support.
Coding in multiple languagesCreate code in a slower step.



The best AI for banking, insurance, healthcare, marketing, and telecom is H2O.AI. The company has been leading for over 10 years as an AI Cloud that provides AI and ML solutions using various algorithms, including random forest, GBM, GLM, GLRM, and Word2Vec.

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However, H2O.ai provides an open-source generative AI platform, h2oGPT. That provides tools (H2O LLM: Large language model Studio, a framework, and no code GUI) for data scientists and developers to build and arrange large models.

Good customer supportNeed improvement in document.
Promote AI integration 

How to Select the Best AI Software

You have to consider different factors when finding the best leverage AI tool for your business. Here, we have shared some tips to consider when selecting the AI tool.

  • First of all, categorize your business requirements and how you will use any software.
  • Summarize the goals that you want to accomplish with the AI tool.
  • Evaluate the learning arch for your team and consider the accessibility of training resources, documentation, and support from the software benefactor.
  • Calculate technical requirements, including programming language support, scalability, data amalgamation capabilities, and compatibility with the current set-up.
  • Evaluate customization options to know whether the AI software can be personalized to your business requirements.
  • Also, examine the algorithm capabilities and consider whether the AI tool supports machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and other AI procedures as per your requirements.
  • Take AI expert advice who can guide you based on your business requirements.
  • Check user reviews, vendor status, and case studies.
  • Check the data privacy and security and customer support of the AI tool.
  • Consider trials, demos, and the cost of membership.

Some Other AI Tool

AI Software for Content Creation
AI Tools for Coding
AI Software for Meetings
Fireflies AI
AI Tools for Image and Video Editing
Deepbrain AI

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AI Tools for Customer Support
Chatfuel AI
Second nature


There are many AI tools available that automate and also simplify the complex procedures of your business and drive better results. In this post, we have shared 10 plus the best AI software that helps you to accomplish your goal for your business.

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