How to Add Background Image to Your HTML Email

How to Add Background Image to Your HTML Email
How to Add Background Image to Your HTML Email

Visuals, especially pictures, elicit a far quicker reaction from readers than text. Also, studies have shown that even when viewers just see an image for a few seconds, they retain much knowledge. Many visuals might be used to establish rapport with the reader.

Email marketing has developed throughout the years, with the incorporation of numerous innovative features. Background images in emails are often subdued rather than being the primary focus. These work well with the rest of the business’s marketing campaign elements. They aid in the creation of HTML emails that offer an improved viewing experience.

They also provide a wide variety of design alternatives that may serve to distinguish a company’s marketing strategy from its rivals. To further go into detail about this topic and learn how to add a background image to your HTML email, we have a detailed article for you below. Continue Reading!

Reasons to Add Background Images to your HTML Email

Static photos and large blocks of text are a bit monotonous in an email. Using eye-catching images as a background is a certain approach to keep subscribers engaged. They give your email designs extra depth, making them stand out. 

Here are some of the prominent reasons why you should add background images to your HTM Email.

Ease Of Layering Additional HTML Content

Background images, in contrast with traditional images, can include various content levels. Users can overlay the background graphic with their own content, such as a new image, some writing, or a call to action.

Aesthetic Feature

As a purely aesthetic addition, background images in email designs serve as a nice touch to its overall presentation. For this purpose, you can use Stripo’s email templates by clicking on this page where you can get an option to add background images to email templates. It adds more dimension and personalizes the email to add your signature touch to it.

Readable Content

Background photos have the advantage that HTML information placed on top of them is still visible. This makes viewing the content more accessible. This condition holds true even if the recipient’s email newsletter has picture processing switched off.

Step-By-Step Procedure To Add A Background Image To An HTML Email

Including a mailer background image will offer your email advertising campaign a fresh new style. It is also capable to increase audience engagement and sticking out from the crowd. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to make an email template with a custom email background image. The Stripo app is used throughout this manual as an example.

  • Launch your favorite design program, then start building your email template from scratch.
  • Choose “Appearance” from the site’s tools menu, then “General,” followed by the other options that appear.
  • The “Background Picture” toggle may be activated from this screen.
  • Next, choose an appropriate picture from your gallery and click “upload;”.
  • After this, using the “repeat” and “center” image settings, position your image where you’d want it to appear in the email’s body content.
  • Now you can send this email to as many people as the system’s limit without any problems.


There is a lot of room for creativity when it comes to email design, and one of the best ways to give your emails a significant advantage is to include background images. In this way, the emails are more likely to be noticed.

Here is a free guide that compiles all the information from this article to assist you with putting these methods into practice. Included in these are the beneficial effects on your HTML email that will occur when you include a backdrop image.

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