HTMK improvments duplicate titel tag

Google can’t see your website as the human eye can see. Everything on the internet is tex document for Google which contains some information in the form of HTML, CSS and some other language.

When Google crawls your site they check the certain Parmenter on your site. Whenever they are not able to find that parameter then they trigger some notification in the webmaster tool.

fix duplicate tittle tag in webmaster tool wallpaper
Webmaster Tool

That trigger means something is wrong or missing from your website. HTML Improvements Duplicate title tags and Duplicate meta descriptions are two most common error of the google webmaster tool.

These issues won’t prevent your site from appearing in Google search results, but addressing them may help boost your traffic and overall Site performance.

In this article, we will go in the depth of the HTML Improvements Duplicate title tags and Duplicate meta description and find the appropriate solution for it.

Besides that, we also check some other error in HTML Improvements Tab under Search Appearance in the GWT.

Introduction To HTML Improvement?

HTML improvement is an option in the google webmaster tools that help you to identify the areas where your HTML document (content, article, blog page etc) are facing an issue and it pinpoints the issues in GWT and also suggests the solution to fix it.

There are 3 main types HTML Improvements error in google webmaster tool are;

  1. Meta description
  2. Title tag
  3. Non-indexable content.

These errors can be easily found within the Google webmaster tools under section Search Appearance>>HTML improvement.

HTML improvment option in webmaster tool
HTML improvement option

This is the screenshot of my current webmaster tool account. Right now, I’m not facing HTML improvements duplicate meta description issue and non-indexable content on my website. So your screen may be little different from my screen.

Don’t worry if you face any other issue, here I’m cover each of them in detail.

What is Meta Description Tag?

Meta Descriptions are the paragraph of text that appears below the name of your websites and URL in a Google search result. See the below screenshot for better understanding.

Meta Descriptions in search Result
Meta Descriptions

You can write Meta description during writing the content.

According to Matt Cutts.

It is important to add a unique meta description tag to all the post but you can either skip this. Google can Create a Unique Meta description for your post But it is good practice to add it by yourself.

Google Use Good Meta description or Keyword in the meta description as a ranking factor, but always use good Meta Description for the user not to rank in Google higher.

So, now you know what is Meta Description tag. Let’s move next.

HTML improvements duplicate meta description error further can be divided into three main parts are;

  1. Long meta description,
  2. Short meta description,
  3. Duplicate meta descriptions.

Now form the name of the term, you can easily understand what is the meaning of it. For example, short Meta Description error trigger in the webmaster when your post (e.g article, page, blog) has a short meta description.

Now, I’m sure there is one Question in your mind. What is the exact length of the meta description?

There is no hard and fast rule, you can write 200 character or 100 charters but the condition is that meta description not should be too long or too short to show in the search result

If you want to know the number then this is approximately 156 character.

meta description hide after 156 characters
meta description

If you are using yoast SEO plugin to optimised your content, then you can count this character.

  • Long meta description: – If your meta description longer than 156 characters.
  • Short meta description: – If your meta description not less than 80 characters.

Apart of these, Duplicate meta descriptions error trigger in webmaster tool when two content has the same meta description.

Fix HTML Improvement Meta Description Error

Login your Google Webmaster Tool account and click on  HTML Improvements Under Search Appearance. Here you will see the list of HTML improvement error.

  • Click on the error that you are facing in the Meta Description.
duplicate Meta Description in google webmaster tool
duplicate Meta Description

In my case, I’m facing duplicate meta descriptions error in the google webmaster tool.

When you click on the error, you will see the list of all the page, who have the duplicate meta descriptions or same meta description.

There is a two method to fix HTML improvements duplicate meta descriptions

  1. Delete the another page or
  2. Change the meta description of another page.
checking the HTML Duplicate meta description error in google webmaster tool
Checking the Error

My situation is little different. A couple of days back. I had changed the Permalink structure of my website. This thing changes the URL of my all post.

means page

/2016/04/13/long-tail-keyword-research-focus-keyword-2 /

is now shift to

/long-tail-keyword-research-focus-keyword-2 /

But google consider this two page the same page because I just change the URL not the content. Both have same Title, same Meta description, same content etc. This thing generates duplicate meta descriptions in the google webmaster tool.

So, in that case, I have to delete the another page from the google search engine by using Google URL Removal Tool. 

  • Go to Google webmaster Tool>>Google Index>>Remove URLs.
  • Enter the URL of the page which you want to deindex from google and click on continue.
Google Page Removal Tool in webmaster tool
Google Page Removal Tool

Now you will see 3 option, Leave it as “Temporarily hide page from search result and remove from cache“.

  • Now click on Submit Request button.
After submitting removal page request in webmaster tool
After Submission

After, Submitting the URL you will see a list of URL.

page expire in the google page removal tool
Expire Page

Note: – Google Take 24hr to temporary delete the page from google index and up to 1 weel to permanently delete the page. Learn more about Google URL Removal Tool.

To fix the Short Meta Description and Long Meta Description. just find the article and change the length of the meta description according to the HTML Improvements error that you are facing in the google webmaster tool.

What is Title Tag?

The title tag is the headline of your content which is always warped in H1 tag and used to create creating the unique title of the page/website etc.

title tag wrap in h1 tag in source code and website
h1 tag

You can see in the above image, your title is wrap in the H1 tag, and you find only one H1 tag on your site in each page for writing title (headline).

The title tag is most important to optimise the content for Google search engine and by unique, proper length, title tags which contain focus keywords can drive more traffic to your site.

If you are using WordPress as a content management system then the title you write for the article is automatically set to the title for google search result.

But the best part of the WordPress is that you can write a separate title for Google and separate title for an article with the help of a plugin called Yoast SEO as I mentioned above.

Snippet preview in yoast Plugin
Snippet preview

In this plugin, you can easily check how your content looks when it appears in the search result.

How To Fix HTML Improvements Title tags.

HTML improvements Title Tag further can be divided into five main parts are;

  1. Missing title tags
  2. Duplicate title tags
  3. Long title tags
  4. Short title tags
  5. Non-informative title tags

Out of these five title tag, HTML improvements Duplicate Title Tags is one of the most common error that you found on the site. Why?

I’m I doing something wrong? The Clear Cut answer is Yes. Actually, you are doing this mistake by MISTAKE!

Each error generate due to different reason but the basic reason behind all Duplicate Title Tag errors are;

Change in the article, after publishing it or when we have one article with two address, means you can access one article with two different URL address.

Other HTML improvements Error trigger in the google webmaster when you write very long or very short answer.

  • Missing Title Tag: –  When you do not write the Tittle of the article.
  • Long title Tag: – When you write the title greater than the recommended length.
  • Short Title Tag: – When your Write the title tag very short, For Example, one word
  • Non-Informative Title Tag: –  This Type of error occurs when you publish a blank page by mistake.

Open your HTML improvement Report and click on an error that you are facing in the Title Tag.

html improvements duplicate title tags shown in webmaster tool
duplicate title tags

Note: You can also download the report from the webmaster tool.

If the error is HTML duplicate title tag then you know very well what you have to do, Delete the URL.

And If you facing another error,

Then open the error identify the page and change the length of the title according to the HTML improvement error in the google webmaster tool.

Note: Length of the title is not longer than 76 characters and not be shorter than two words.

Unlike some other reports in Google Webmaster Tools, there is no button to mark something as fixed here. You have to keep a track of what you have fixed so that when you visit this reports again, you will know what you fixed and what is new and needs fixing.

So, in this way you can fix the HTML improvements duplicate title tags and some other html error on your site.

Non-indexable Content?

I never face this problem in my SEO career So, I have no strong information about this. but this is something related to the content that Google can’t be indexed, means not able to understand the content.

I’m not taking the blocking of a page. If the page is blocked by robots.txt file then google directly ignores it. but this is something related to non-understandable information.

But if you face this problem then feel free to contact me I will try my best to resolve this error.

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37 thoughts on “How To Fix HTML Improvements Duplicate Title Tags In Google Webmaster Tools”
  1. Hi i have 109 duplicate meta description in the search console, and i am using yoast also on my WordPress blog, i didn’t understand the How to fix Meta Description Error section.
    do i have to go to each post and change the meta description in yoast ??
    please answer me, i want to decrease this number of errors.

    1. when your Post Have a Two URLs then a duplicate error and meta description error is produced. Just pick one URL and submit it in webmaster removal tool. It takes near about 3 to 4 days to fix. But be sure which url, you are going to delete is not anchor in your post. means do not make a link with this URLs. if you have please delete it,,, because google reindex it through your site.

  2. Hi again sir i have found the solution for my problem, the problem was that i have duplicate tage. one is generated by the theme, the second is generated by YOAST plugin, i have deleted the theme tags, and i have fix it, i am waiting for the next google crawl to see if the errors will be gone.
    thank you sir again.

  3. But brother, I have seen lots of popular website, which are using subpages with meta index, why they are not deindexing those pages. please let me know..

    1. Those subpages that are not deindexed, by the website owner may be important for their website.
      There is no hard and fast rule, must deindex subpage. Depend on the importance of the page you can deindex or use noindex but dofollow tag for that page.
      Subpage sometimes creates duplicate content in WordPress blogs like category and tag so deindexing of that page, that not provide good information to google is important for SEO point of view only.

    1. I just check your site,,,you are new on the website.

      The process is very simple… verify your site with webmaster tool.
      Pick URL that you want to delete and add it in the URL removal Tool.

      Every single step are mansion in the post. just read and follow the step.

  4. hi
    The structure of our site was such that it created two url for each post, and because of previous changes in the urls, the older ones also referred to the site in some cases and remained in google cache.
    Now we’ve changed the structure of the urls
    We need to place a new sitemap on the Google console. have we need to submit our site for reconsideration?

    1. first of all no need to send reconsideration request,,,,

      Second,,,, Select any one URL and Delete all the Other URL from the search engine, By Using Google URL removal Tool in Webmaster Tool for example,

      If your single Post has two URL and

      select the URL of the page that you want to add in the google search engine and add all another version of the page in the Page removal tool.

      Removal tool takes a time to show Result. Check out this for more info Remove URL From Google Search Engine

      if you need any help free feel to aks me,

    1. sure,,,,

      if you are facing this issue in the GWT under HTML tab,,, that means on your site author entity are missing.

      Maximum time, the theme can handle this type of error,,, but you also use any author plugin you like to handle this error.

      wait for one week and check your report in GWT,,, i hope it works,,, if it does not work then you have to change the theme.

  5. Hello,
    I have duplicate meta descriptions and titletags on my website.
    It appears on “/” and “index.php”
    I don’t understand how I can remove the duplicates… I only have 1 page: index.php with no duplicates but google consider index.php and / as two differents pages.

      1. Hello,

        Sorry I forget to put my website, you should have it now. Let me know if you need screen after visiting the website.

        Yes “/” represent my homepage.
        I just removed index.php from the sitemap.xml and add a disallow line for /index.php in the robots.txt.
        Is it right to do this ?


        1. Thanks for sharing your website name.
          I just checked your homepage. It can be accessed with two URL as you told. So it’s a duplicate content no doubt.

          Your /index.php page is blocked by robots.txt that is a good thing and XML sitemap does not contain second URL.

          Now Use URL Removal Tool to remove the page from Google.

          I also check your source code one important thing is missing, that is canonical URL. This is outdated content but good enough to deliver the concept.

          if you need any help please feel free to ask me,,,

          1. Thanks for your answer, I also used url removal tools.

            For example I should add:

            to my index.php code ?


          2. Sorry you misunderstood.
            I already used the url removal tool after changing my sitemap and robots.txt.

            The example I was talking is about the canonical url.

  6. Paji,

    What A Clean And Down The Point Content I Have Issue With Duplicate Meta Description Which IS Resolved Now With Your Post.
    Keep Post Great Solutions Like This To Help Our Community

  7. With having so much content do you ever run into any issues of plagiarism or copyright violation? Any how you have putted great information that is helpful and useful. Great job.

    1. Harish,
      Thanks for providing me the link. I just check the source code of your website and found that canonical tag is missing from your website.

      Actually, this is Subpages issue.
      For example, you write an article in parts, 1,,2,,,3,,,,
      For Google, all these articles are a single article, to help Google consider this artcile as one article, You has to implement canonical URL Tag.

      A similar issue is on your website.

      These type of issue can be handled by using canonical URL Tag.

  8. We have around 27 duplicate Title tags & 27 duplicate Meta Description tag. On Jan 26, we have remove the URL of the pages which we want to deindex from google as per you said above.

    Despite this, till now all the these 27 title tags & Description tag are appearing as it is.

    Why it may be so? Is there something more to do?

    Please help…

    1. URL removal tool work when you have more than one URL of the single page.
      I have checked your page source code and find too many technical Issus.
      Here, I ‘m highlighting few of them.

      1. Unoptimised URL structure.
      2. Canonical URL missing
      3. On the same page, Meta description and title tag is missing

      For example, make sure your every page has.

      check this canonical URL tag article, it will help you to solve your issue.

      if you need any help, please feel free to fill the contact form.

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