How to Choose the Best Social Media for Your Brand

Best Social Media for Your Brand
Best Social Media for Your Brand

Amongst dozens of social media and millions of worldwide businesses exist a  secret pact: choose social media carefully. 

Or there is no pact. Maybe, no such agreement was born in the current marketing biosphere and we just are comprehensive liars. But it’s for sure that this pact must exist!

Social Media Marketing is a fairly complicated subject impossible to discuss in one article. We dare to name SMM a science since it has gone far for the last several years. Indeed, it’s hard to dramatize the impact of a good social media marketer on your company’s success. 

But what if we say that 90% of success depends on the site you simply choose for promoting? What if your Facebook page is dead not because nobody’s working, but because of no chance to succeed there?

Have your heart ready to discover what social media may (and will) save you from many fiascos at once!

Why Choosing the Right Social Media Is Important? 

Choosing a social media site in which you are going to invest time, money, and your nerves is unlike selecting potatoes in a store. 

Your choice will directly affect many aspects of your business’s future. And let us say it out loud: having a presence everywhere is not always a good idea. To be available there and there, from Instagram to a random podcasting app costs a lot of money, and a great recruitment team who must drop into your office (at least) 15 SMM wizards of a high level. Bruh, it even sounds impossible. 

So the first rule of this fight club:

Be on as many social media platforms as you can afford. 

This means, in general, that 2 is enough. Or, maybe, 3 if your nervous accountant is an experienced Twitter troll (be careful with this advice). 

Social media & Their Impact Explained 

Let’s take a close look at your options. We’ve added queries in titles so you can skip variants that won’t work for you!

TikTok is for: Influencers, creative businesses, banks, and local commerce

The examples above are not the veto. You can buy TikTok views for any kind of business, and be sure to get a lot of attention. But promoting your brand on TikTok is hard and takes a lot of time. 

Make sure to follow trends, dance, and be aware of all your audience interests. Even if you have a small company that creates craft tools for cooking, TikTok proves that you can be there and get new customers.

Instagram is for: Beauty industry, fashion, eco-friendly, and high-visual presence businesses

Instagram, known for beauty gurus and clothing brands domination, is a great choice for all businesses that require a high presence of visuality. 

If you have a product that must be shown to be bought, make sure to be on Instagram. And do not tighten your photographer strings: today’s Insta competition is so strong that you will be thankful for a quality made profile. 

Instagram’s audience is sharp and knowledgeable, and won’t set up for less than they are used to!  

Facebook is for: When your main audience is males, local businesses & foods

Older brother of both social media discussed above, Facebook is known for more serious and grown-up audiences. While the visual side of a story and trends do not play out as you may be used to, your product & prices will decide here. 

Also, Facebook is helpful if your audience is dominated by males. Men tend to spend more time on Facebook than on other platforms. Youtube may be the only exception.

Other Social Media: from Snapchat to Linkedin

Other social platforms include the following- 

  1. Linkedin for professionals & thought leaders
  2. Youtube for the best video quality 
  3. Snapchat for close communication
  4. Twitter for memes & hot topics + eSports
  5. Pinterest for additional interest…

And many more out there. All social media above are an interesting choice, but we’d like to share one piece of advice that may save you from failure:

Start with these platforms only when you have your SEO or the main SMM channel set up. 

And be sure, TikTok will be a better investment than Tumbrl. 

In Other Words, You Can Succeed Everywhere But Succeed Smartly

If you have enough resources and a strong team, theoretically, you can boost your socials on every site possible to imagine. 

It’d be great. But since this utopia hasn’t worked out yet for any business out there, remember to keep your focus. 

When you have your goals clear and understandable, which means spreading your ambitions smartly, a Facebook profile can bring x1000 more profit than one thousand of not working socials.