How to Clean Keyboard Properly Without Any Damage?

How To Clean A Keyboard

Queries to know how to clean keyboard of your PC? Then follow this guide. Typing can be such a rumpled business. Whether you’re a writer, a hard-working professional, or both, you’re forced to get your fingers on something gunky before clicking and clattering away at the keyboard. When all that mud and sand becomes too much, you’ll have to move that most cruel of computer tasks: cleaning the keyboard. Dirty!

The great message is that you can do it employing tools you’ll get around your home. Though the keyboard can get vicious, in enhancement to being packed with trash, it may be required to utilize it to a deep purify with a combination of purification methods. That might suggest purchasing a few cheap cleaning equipment’s. Before you get begun, make sure your PC or keyboard is unplugged from the power cable and fully powered off to evade damaging any electrical elements. It also assists keep you from inadvertently deleting something valuable on your PC as you blow the different keys. Here’s how to get your PC neat and dust-free.

How to Clean Keyboard: Tricks

How To Clean Keyboard
How To Clean Keyboard

Shake the debris out

The first step you’ll need to do when cleaning the keyboard is to alter it upside down to bounce the visible ruins off, we mean past corn chip particles and all the lovely skin dirt built up over the ages. To perform so, move the keyboard (or laptop) over at an edge and smoothly pat the back. It’s greatest to do this over a garbage can to avoid getting particles all over your desk or table.

You can even gently swing the keyboard back and forth to transfer any stuck trash. Get that vacuum cleaner nearby, just in circumstance.

How To Clean Laptop Keyboard
How To Clean Laptop Keyboard

Try a Dust Vac to Clean Keyboard

After you have left the dust and debris in one place or if you don’t occur to have any canned air – use a hand vac with a conventional dirt attachment to suck up the undesirables. If you’re employing a stand-alone keyboard, make sure none of your buttons are loose, or you could be seeking a lost letter under your dust vac’s filter. For safer results, purchase a USB vacuum cleaner that plugs right into a USB port and originates with a thin keyboard cleaning attachment.

How To Clean Macbook Keyboard
How To Clean Macbook Keyboard

For Caked-On Grime, Use Screen Wipes

Practice gentle pressure to wrest globs of gunk from the keys. Don’t exaggerate it, or you hazard stripping the letters off the keys (unless you’re utilizing an older keyboard with burnished letters). You can also employ a topical disinfectant, but spatter it onto a smooth cloth or paper towel and then rinse the keys. Do not spatter the cleaner straight onto the keyboard. BEST VR GAMES LIST

Laptop Keyboard
Laptop Keyboard

Use Cotton Swabs between the Keys

These can be dehydrated or gently moistened with a soft cleanser. Wipe carefully and gently between the keys and across the tops and bottoms to eliminate excess dust. You’ll need to run over this cleaning routine each 1 to 3 months. If you employ more than one keyboard frequently, retain to clarify all of them. And, of course, regularly review your owner’s handbook for model-specific keyboard cleansing directions.

Macbook Keyboard
Macbook Keyboard

Use a Disinfectant Wipe or Rubbing Alcohol

Consider all the viruses and germs that are withholding on the keyboard. In case, researches show that keyboards are much messier than a toilet seat. It’s great to lift the keys, if feasible, before rinsing them. Though you’d instead not try raising the keys on your own, you can still purify them.

You’ll want a moist disinfectant wipe (bypass bleach) or a cloth moistened with cleaning alcohol. You never need to clean your keyboard with a soaked material, which can harm the hardware that lives underneath the keys. Wipe each surface of the keyboard down – buttons, keys, cover and put it to dry before plugging it back in or switching it on. You can easily overturn the keyboard (or PC) if you’re concerned that too much fluid has dropped inside beneath the parts.

Clean Keyboard
Clean Keyboard

Cleaning Inside a Keyboard

Drag the keys off with a screwdriver if they are detachable. The buttons on the latest keyboards fit over little clips and are simple to remove. Wedge a flathead screwdriver or butter knife beneath the edge of a button and gently pry it up. Then, try to pull the button straight up with your hands. You may want to shake it or pry up the reverse side to slide it off its clip.

  • Catch a fast picture of the keyboard with your mobile before drawing off the keys. It will support you to put the buttons back in the right order later.
  • For a simple way to separate keys, use a wire keycap puller. Locate one online or at an electronics shop.
  • If you’re uncertain about lifting keys, ask your owner’s manual or call the operator. Locate out their suggestions for key replacement and cleaning.

Unfasten the keyboard and remove it apart if feasible. Turn the keyboard over and view for screws. Some keyboards consist of faceplates joined together. If the keyboard owns screws, lift the bottom faceplate to clean it individually. Monitor for hidden screws beneath the keyboard’s labels. If you can’t separate the buttons, you usually can remove the faceplate. Take the buttons off afterward, if possible, to provide the faceplate a more thorough cleansing.

  1. Put the buttons in a colander to clean them in warm water.
  2. Clean the blank faceplate with detergent and warm water.
  3. Clean the other half of the keyboard with a rag and isopropyl alcohol.
  4. Wash the buttons stems with cotton swabs soaked in isopropyl alcohol.
  5. Let the keyboard be baked for 2-3 days.
  6. Substitute the keyboard parts and check them. Reassemble the keyboard by inverting the steps you used when taking it apart. For most keyboards, you will require to join the faceplates first.


Dirt is not just unattractive – it can likely hurt or even destroy components of your PC. Cleaning your PC frequently will help you keep it running correctly and avoid costly repairs. Don’t limit airflow around your PC.

A system can create a lot of heat, so the casing has wings that prevent it from overheating. Evade stacking papers, books, and other things around your PC.

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