How To Use Keyword Planner Tool In Google Adwords Account Step By Step Guide

How To Use Keyword Planner

Google Adword keyword tool is most use full and very complicated tool for every new user. It is a free tool made for a blogger to set a bid on keyword or purchase keyword for more traffic. Today we will only on focus on how to use Keyword Planner to find the volume on a keyword. And in next article, we will cover how to set up the campaign and how to pay for ads.

How To Use Keyword Planner

This tool has so many options but only a few of them are use full for those who just want to use the keywords without setting a campaign. If you want to purchase keyword or set a bid on a keyword, you call on this tool free number is 866-246-6453 and set up a campaign for AdWord. But If you only want to take the advantage of this tool so you on right place.

How To Use Keyword Planner Tool In Google AdWords

First of all, you need a google AdWord account. If you have a google  Adword account just login in it. Second, you have to open the keyword planner panel under Tool option as shown in the figure below.

keyword planner option in google adword

Now this keyword panel has 3 main option which is most use full for us;

  1. Search for a new keyword using a new phrase, website, or category.
  2. Get search volume data and trends.
  3. Multiply keyword list to get new keywords.

We will learn all these, three options one by one.

three main tool in adword planner

1. Search for a new keyword using a new phrase, website, or category.

Under in this option, you can check the volume on particle keyword. For example, if you have a focus keyword ” WordPress SEO ” just put this keyword in search box and check volume (how many searches on this keyword). When you open this option you will find 3 sub-box are;

  1. your product or service
  2. your landing page
  3. your product category

3 main feature of google adword

Just paste your focus keyword in the first box and in Second box paste your landing page URL means your domain name. In last Box select the categories of your product. Now finally click on Get-idea

keyword idea option in google adword

A new window will be open like above, this is your Ad group idea, we no need of group idea, this option is used by the keyword buyer. you Just have to click on the Keyword Idea

result of search volume

This the page we required for our purpose. Now see the above image, you will see the Average monthly search on a keyword. I select the keyword,” WordPress SEO ” has 14,800 monthly search and suggestion bid for this keyword is Rs=461.17. The competition for this keyword is very low, so that is a good signal for SEO.

Note:- You have to select a keyword which has low bid and high search volume but has low competition, long tail low competition keyword is better for SEO.

2. Get search volume data and trends.

In this option, you can check the volume up to 800 keywords at the same time.

set search volume option in adword

For example, You just have to write a keyword in this box and separate it by comma or write one keyword in one line.

There is another more easy method is just make a txt file in PC and write a lot of keyword in it and simply upload it on AdWord as Shown in the image above. Now click on Get search volume.

search volume result of more than one keyword

For above image, everything is clear. You can check the volume up to 800 keywords in just one click. This is easy and effect way to check a lot of keyword in a single step. So this is a how to use Keyword Planner get volume searches option in Adwords.

3.Multiply keyword list to get new keywords.

This is my favorite option in google Adwords keyword planner tool. Use of this function is very simple. As shown in image below

multiply keyword list loaction

I this option, we just multiply one keyword with the different keyword to get the new keyword. Let me explain this with the help of example, assume you have 8 keywords are,

  1. SEO
  2. image
  3. WordPress
  4. content
  5. URL
  6. domain
  7. ranking
  8. page

if you want the best combination of this keyword which has high search, high volume, and low competition. Then you have to just write a different keyword in a different list as shown above. Now click get search volume. The result will be open in new window as shown below.

result of multiply keyword

See the above image, there is a combination of the two keywords. This option is best for finding the long tail keyword. I will explain later, how to find a perfect long tail keyword with the use of google AdWords. This is the brief introduction to main three tool option in google Adwords and how to use keyword planner in google AdWords account.

How To Use Filter Option in Adwords

In the left-hand side, there is filter option to filter the keyword. For example, if you upload a txt file which has 800 keyword then you can not check the search volume on particular keyword one by one means it is a very irradiated process. You can use the filter option to filter the keyword in a search result. There is two option first is Keyword filter and second is keyword include.

keyword filter option location in adwords

1.keyword filter

It has again 4 option but we generally use 3 option for our purpose.

  1. Average monthly search:- sat monthly search according to you need.
  2. Suggestion bid:- set a maximum bid for you keyword to get a good result in SEO.
  3. Competition:- always select low competition for better SEO

keyword filter option have 3 further option loaction

2.keyword include

This is second most use full option in AdWord which I like most because with the help of this option a can focus on my particular keyword in the search result. Write a keyword in this box and click on save. Now all the keyword which don not have your selected keyword in the search result are automatically ignored and you can focus on the particular keyword.

keyword include option location

So this is the basic tool in AdWord which help us to find the best keyword for good searches.

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