How to Delete YouTube Video Saved on Android, iPhone, or iPad

How To Delete A Video From Youtube
How To Delete A Video From Youtube

You want to watch a YouTube video and your internet connection is not working. This is why YouTube introduced an option of saving videos offline for the future. But, where does YouTube store offline videos? The answer is in the cell phone memory. Form where you can access saved videos on YouTube anytime, anywhere. However, when you download videos on an iPad or android it will slow down the device. In this article, we shall discuss how to delete YouTube video from android, iPhone, or iPad. is the second biggest search engine in the world after Everybody in the world who seeks to view visual content is wondering at YouTube for search. But, what if you do not have an internet connection and you want to view YouTube videos?

This is the reason why YouTube gave users the freedom to save videos and view offline YouTube on iPad, iPhone, or Android anytime without the internet. But, saving a lot of videos will slow down your device as there is limited storage and many of us don’t know how to delete a YouTube video.

To save you from this hassle I brought this article to help the users to guide them How to delete downloaded videos on iPhone. Therefore, without any further due, let’s get to the topic we are here for.

How To Delete Youtube Video
How To Delete Youtube Video

How to Delete YouTube Video on iPhone?

Using iPhone YouTube offline videos for the future is a smart option especially when you have a lousy internet connection. Removing videos from iPad & iPhone is really simple just like removing it from android. See below how to remove video from YouTube all at once.

  • Go ahead and open the YouTube app on iPhone or iPad.
  • Go to the Profile picture and tap on it.
  • Go to Settings using the Gear icon.
  • Go to options of Background & Downloads tap on the Delete Downloads
  • In the final step, tap on Delete.
How To Delete A Video On Youtube
How To Delete A Video On Youtube

How to Delete YouTube Video One-By-One?

There is another scenario where people do not want to clear all the saved videos. Instead, they want to remove videos from YouTube individually. Here is how to delete YouTube videos on iPhone one by one.

  • Start the YouTube app on iPhone or iPad.
  • Open the Library.
  • Top on downloads from the options.
  • In the next step tap on the “Three-Dots” next to the video you want to delete.
  • In the final step tap on the “Delete from Downloads” option.
How To Delete Video On Youtube
How To Delete Video On Youtube

How to Delete a YouTube Video on Android?

The method to remove a YouTube video from android is simple as snapping your fingers like Thanos.

  • To remove the video from YouTube, Open the YouTube app on Android.
  • Go to the profile avatar, open the menu and tap Your Channel.
  • Select the Videos
  • A list of videos will appear.
  • Tap on the Delete to remove the YouTube downloaded videos.
How To Delete Video From Youtube
How To Delete Video From Youtube

How To Find Saved YouTube Videos?

Many of us are genius when it comes to tech, but, do not really know where are YouTube videos stored? The method to find the saved videos is simple and easy.

If you are using a computer, just go to click on the “Three-Lines” on the top-left corner of the screen and click on the “Watch Later” the saved videos will appear.

If you are using android mobile, tap on “Library” in the bottom-right corner and the YouTube saved videos will appear.

Final Words:

There are different operating systems on different devices but the method to remove a video from YouTube is the same on every device. People often remove YouTube app and say” okay Google download YouTube”, just to make sure it will work faster after re-installing. This is the simple and most suitable method to clear watch later YouTube videos and make your application run smoothly. However, you will have to fill in the information again, it is can save you from the hassle of deleting and re-installing the application.