How to Repost on Instagram in 2024 – Complete Guide

How to Repost on Instagram
How to Repost on Instagram

Are you exploring to get the information about how to repost on Instagram? If you want to repost on Instagram, you’ll find isn’t as simple as on other social networks. Unlike retweeting on Twitter or sharing on Facebook, you can’t just hit to repost as Instagram doesn’t have a repost function. There are ways to do it, but there are several things to keep in mind. This article will guide you through how to repost and the things to watch out for.

Why would you need to repost someone else’s content? So, reposting is an excellent way to move up your feed and take the stress off you to come up with unique posts. It’s also a wonderful way to show that you enjoy the work of your peers. But it’s essential to recognize that from a right point of view, reposting other people’s content is a grey area, and you need to have the right permits before you do it.

What is Reposting on Instagram? 

Repost Story on Instagram

Repost Story on Instagram

Reposting is when you take someone’s Instagram content from their feed or story and repost them on your feed. Instagram currently doesn’t have a specialty to instantly repost someone else’s content on your account, but it can be done utilizing other apps or only taking a screenshot and editing!

Before you repost on Instagram, however, you must obtain the original poster’s permission first. To get permission, you can unless commenting on the post and wait for their reply back or send them a Direct Message.

The Benefits of Reposting

Reposting offers a chance to diversify your content. You apparently go through hours of building and editing the text and photos that you post. Reposting lets, you get exposure for your brand while posting another’s content. It also allows you to build in-roads with your followers. To get on Instagram businesses, you need active and engaging followers. And to be honest, to achieve this goal, you need to use an Instagram follower’s app and keep consistent, which can be appropriately done by reposting content.

For example, a customer-base that sees their reposted content may feel your brand is hearing their voice. Having their work posted on a more open platform can feel rewarding.

Sharing user-generated content from top Instagram accounts provides you to harness the power of social media. On Instagram, followers are typically longer engaged with a brand. Therefore, encourage your followers to create content and to manage your brand hashtags.

Building with your followers gives an opportunity to expand your brand and follower base on a more personal level. Think about what resonates with today’s audience. With social media users putting a higher premium on influencers, having a customer post their honest, positive review of your products helps build your brand’s credibility and trust with followers.

How to Repost on Instagram? 2 Ways

Repost on Instagram
Repost on Instagram

There are two separate methods of reposting: downloading an app or taking a screenshot.

Use an App 

The app you download depends on your OS. Repost for Instagram is ready for iOS and Android devices, with a sincere and intuitive user interface that will have you reposting almost instantly. It also includes the source on the photo itself, so you never have to worry about forgetting to credit your source.

Some apps even have features that will enable you to copy and paste the caption too quickly. One downside would be possible unsightly watermarks from the app that you won’t be able to remove or customize without subscribing to a premium service.

Take a Screenshot

There is no need to download a dozen single-function apps to test them all to find the best one. All you require is to catch a screenshot, make necessary edits using a photo editing application like Instasize, and repost on Instagram!

A downside could be decreased quality and definition of the photo, as your image will only be as long as you’re cropped screenshot. While it could be more time-consuming to cut, edit, and remember to credit the source, it does offer the most flexibility.

Reposting Instagram Stories

Instagram also provides you to repost Instagram Stories as long as you were tagged in the original. Tap the share icon, and if you were tagged in the story, you would see an option reading Add This to Your Story.

The extra new button appears in your Instagram DMs when any account tags you in their Story. Clicking the Add This to Your Story option brings you to the standard Instagram Stories interface, where you can make edits or share it as is to your own Story. The experts deal with IG states that to secure your Instagram account from unwanted hackers, you can learn hacking. You can do it easily from the Instagram hacking apps.

Using Instasize for Reposting

  • Once you’ve got a screenshot of what you want to repost, open the Instasize app, and obey these steps.
  • Hit the + at the bottom of your screen, then hit Photo.
  • Choose the screenshot you want to repost.
  • On Instasize’s editor, you can edit the screenshot and resizing it by holding or expanding it on the screen using your fingers.
  • You can also tap the crop icon and easily resize the photo, removing the screenshot elements you don’t want to include.
  • Need to add text or even the reference on the image itself? Hit the A icon and pick a font you want to use. Once you’ve selected a font, the text box will appear on the image—Double-tap the text box to edit the text.
  • Once you’re finished editing your repost, tap the share icon, and then tap Instagram.

Reposting is an excellent way to stay on track with your posting schedule or even give a shoutout and thanks to the followers who have created content for you. Make sure you follow best practices when you repost on Instagram, and you’ll soon find that it’s an excellent method to grow your following and keep your content top quality!


Q: How do I fix repost on Instagram?
A: Go to each the <a href=””>Play Store</a> or App Store, find your reposting app, and see for new updates. Do the same for Instagram. Your preferred reposting app might get an update that will cause problems if your OS and your version of Instagram are out-of-date.
Q: Why can’t I reshare posts on Instagram?
A; When you are trying to share someone’s post on your story but cannot do it, it means that the user has kept their “Resharing to Stories” settings turned off. In case you know somebody, you may ask them to turn the settings on for you and switch it back off once you have shared it.