How to View Private Instagram Account Details in 2022

How To View A Private Instagram Account

Are you searching to know how to view private Instagram account details? Instagram is probably the most popular online photo and video sharing platform with a huge audience and, accordingly, a great number of sites claiming to be the best place to buy Instagram followers The creators of the platforms have come to realize the essential nature of security in preserving the users’ trust. While Instagram promotes social sharing, it will not prevent its users from operating private accounts to shield information from any unwanted visitors.

When you open an account on Instagram, your videos and photos can be viewed by the public, and anybody can download your video and photos by using any third-party app. This simply means that, by default, everyone on Instagram can see your shared content and also follow you publicly. Those users will only see the picture and video posts made on such accounts that the owner of the account approves their follow request, which helps them to have control over who can and cannot view their shared content.

Private and Public Instagram Account
Private and Public Instagram Account

What is a Private and Public Instagram Account?

If you are a social media user then you surely know Instagram has two profile modes one is Private mode and another one is public mode. Instagram Public mode means that any Instagram user can view your posts and follow you without your approval.

But in another case when you switch to the private mood, only your followers can see your Instagram content. Also, you get the authority to approve or reject follow requests in private mode. But if you own a business account on the platform, your only option of going private is to switch back to your personal account.

Private Instagram Profiles and Photos
Private Instagram Profiles and Photos

Benefits of Making Your Account Private

There are people you broke up with or do not talk to anymore, or not in genuine terms, or simply you just don’t want them to see your posts.

Making your Instagram account private is quite an operative solution to deal with those situations. After they send the following request unless you admit it, they can never see your posts.

An occurrence that often happens on social media platforms is that your photos get saved or taken. Sometimes these photos are used for various means, sometimes they open fake accounts with your name, using your pictures.

But when you make your Instagram account private, nobody you don’t admit can see or reach your posts. So there won’t be any problems coming from others posting your pictures in unsuitable places.

If you want to take precautions for this, you must make your Instagram account private.

How To Block People From Seeing Your Feed

When it comes to protecting the photos and videos posted to your feed, it’s much more of an all-or-nothing scenario than it is with stories.

If you don’t want to go private, you can still block specific users:

  • To block someone, you first have to go to their account. On their profile page, tap the three-dotted menu in the upper-right corner.
  • Click on “Block”

Note: you can additionally restrict people from this menu. If you limit them, they can still see your content, but their comments will only appear to you, and they won’t be able to know when you’re online.

How to View Private Instagram Profiles and Photos?

Well, there are quite a number of free private Instagram viewers tools and methods that will enable users to view private Instagram accounts without following them.. Here are the ways by which you can view your private Instagram profiles and photos in 2021.

  1. Send a Follow Request
  2. Google Search
  3. Creating a Fake Instagram Account/Profile
  4. Use Private Instagram Account Viewer Tools

(1.) Send a Follow Request

One of the best and legal ways to view private accounts on Instagram is simply by asking the owners directly. If they know you or think it is safe to connect with you, they can accept your follow request, after which you’ll be able to see their posts. This is the only legitimate way to see private accounts.

However, whether they will grant you access to their profile depends on how seriously they take their privacy. If having a friend of a friend or someone they already know, then it won’t be long until they approve your follow request. Once they’ve accepted your follow request, you should be able to see their photos, videos, and Instagram stories instantly.

(2.) Google Search

Many Instagram users have public accounts before they switch to a private mode. Google indexes Instagram posts that are in public mode, which simply means you have a chance of seeing some posts of the user from the time when they had a public account. Just search Google with your target’s Instagram username, and you may see some of their posts.

(3.) Create a Fake Instagram Account/Profile

All you have to do here is generate a new Instagram account using a new EMail ID, and a fake name, and then use that bogus account to send a follow request to your target’s private Instagram account.

However, this method is overtly unethical, and as such, you may want to reconsider it or limit your access and usage. We do not endorse this task, so by all means, do it at your own risk.

(4.) Viewing Through a Friend’s Perspective

The internet is a considerable place worldwide, and you can get lost in the internet era. There is a lot to find on the internet, and sometimes the people who have what you are looking for are hard to find! But where your friends come in hand, and if they already follow that person on their account, ask them if they can forward all their posts, save them privately, and don’t miss anything.

(5.) Use The Instagram++ Extension for iPhone Users

Instagram++ is an open-source extension for everyone but only for iPhone users that allow you to get more experience than a common Instagram app. Therefore, here are the following steps to get this amazing extension for all iPhone users.

  • Turn auto-rotation off and go to the setting menu.
  • Then, tap on General and next tap on “Background refresh app.”
  • Open this link in the next browser and scroll down until you see the search bar option.
  • Next, type Instagram++ to get the extension and see the results.
  • Tap on it to download and inject the extension on the main Insta App. After you have completed a few simple commands, wait a few seconds before proceeding to the next step, locating another private account.
  • When you’re finished with those instructions, look for any new accounts or any old ones that have been made public.

How to Create a Fake Instagram Account?

Here are the tips to create a fake Instagram Account-

  1. If you select to create an account of a female user, upload photos that reflect women’s interests.
  2. See what is trending among female Instagram influencers and use it to guide you.
  3. Try setting your Instagram account to private.
  4. Send a follow request to the account of the person whose profile you want to check.

Use Private Instagram Account Viewer Tools

Now, we will direct your attention to a curated selection of some remarkable Instagram Accounts viewer solutions which have been developed to help you view private Instagram posts of other users.

Here We Introduce 4 Tools Which Provide a Service to View the Private Instagram Accounts-

  • Watch Insta
  • Insta Spy
  • InstaLooker

1: Watch Insta

Watch Insta is one of the best tools to provide this service. The complete procedure will take approximately 5 minutes during which you will be required to enter the IG username of your targeted profile and then answer a few short survey questions to complete the procedure.

After the completion of the task, you will be able to see all the information on the targeted account.

2: Insta Spy

Here, you need to enter the Instagram username on the Insta Spy of your target so that the software can search for it and then extract all posts connected to the private profile in question.

3: InstaLooker

InstaLooker has a user-friendly interface that enables you to accomplish this task effortlessly. All you have to do here is copy & paste the targeted Instagram profile’s username and then press the search button available there.

When you follow the provided steps you can get all the information on the account.

All these are the most rated tools all the tools have the same process to gather the private Instagram account information.


Q: Can you view private Instagram profiles online?
A: The apps that we provided above are usually called private viewers. These tool apps let you see any private Instagram accounts or profiles. These web viewers can be found easily online. This can be done by typing “Instagram private account viewer” or “Instagram private profile viewer” into the search bar of any search engine you use.
Q: Can I see Instagram's private account photos?
A: On Instagram, you can share your images or videos, story (You can hide images if you don’t want to show them to the public). Only you or an approved follower can view your private Instagram and its videos & story, but with a private account web viewer, you can view all photos without the following step.
Q: What is InstaLooker?
A: InstaLooker is a website that shows hidden Instagram accounts. Address:
Q: Does a private Instagram viewer work?
A: It’s very easy and anyone can private Instagram viewers work on their own. It’s a safe and fast working method to view private Instagram profiles with no survey or verification. Make sure to use it as soon as possible or it might get patched sooner or later.


Here, we shared all the possible ways to view any private Instagram accounts. you can go to any one of them. most people try in the first way. which is probably good and secure in all the terms. If you like the article, share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments box below.

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