How To Share Amazon Wish List [Quick Guide]

How to Share Amazon wish list

What is an amazon wish list, and how can you share it? Are you searching for the answers to that question? However, If this question continuously bothers you, then we have your back. Today’s guide will fix all your issues regarding sharing an amazon wish list. First, we shall look at what exactly wish lists are and their use case.

A wish list is a digital basket that preserves your interests in a pair of lists where you can easily find the products you want to buy later. It is a useful feature that helps you remember the item if you forgot it. However, did you know that you can also share your wish list with your beloved – Remembering how? That’s why we are here.

In this guide, we’ll explain to you from head to toe how you can share Your amazon wish list, so stay with us till the end because we’ll briefly discuss it.

How To Make A New Amazon Wishlist?

Before we get into the process of sharing first, you’ll need to create a wishlist because you can’t go further without this. However, how you can make it is just simple. Follow the procedure below thoroughly.

  • Sign in to your Amazon account, and type any product in the search bar.
Sign in to your Amazon account
Sign in to your Amazon account
  • Open a product and press the down arrow sign along with add to wishlistbutton, which you’ll see at the bottom right of the page.
add to wishlist
add to wishlist
  • Now tap on Create a new list option.
Create a new list
Create a new list
  • In the section of the list name, type in your desired name, then tap the create list button.
your list gets created.
your list gets created.
  • After all that, your list gets created.
add to wish list button
add to wish list button
  • Type in the product again in the search bar and tap the add to wish list button. However, if you already have existing wishlists. It is probably possible that your product adds to that wishlist. However, tap the option in the picture to transfer it to your newly created wishlist.
  • Once you click it – on the right side of the product, you are added to your wish list. There is a move button tap it and select your created wishlist, and your wishlist will transfer successfully.

How You Can Share Your Amazon Wish List With Your Loved One

This sharing wishlist feature will allow people to see your wish list of whom you’ve given the authority to see the list. Suppose you add a product to your wish list, and somehow your beloved also wants to add the same product to his wish list but can’t find it.

In this case, sharing a wish list plays its part where the particular one doesn’t need to find the same product instead, the one who already added a product to his wish list can share it with the guy who is getting in trouble finding it. The method of sharing a wish list is described thoroughly underneath.

  • We will start from where we left off. Open your Amazon and Go to your wish list. At the upper right corner,tap more and select the manage list option.
manage list
manage list
  • In the privacy section, you’ll see 3 options public, shared, and private now, it’s up to you which one you select. For example, let’s select the shared. However, tap the save changes option at the bottom right once you select public.
  • After you are done, get back to your list page and tap send lists to others.
  • Once you click it, there will be 2 options:VIEW ONLY and VIEW AND EDIT.
  • Tap on view only,copy the link, and share it with your beloved. Wuala, you are all done.

Share Your Amazon Wish List on Facebook Using Your Phone

Amazon is veryhandy once a particular one uses it though there are many useful features in Amazonthat2x your work speeds. However, if you want to know how to share your amazon wish list on Facebook through mobile, then this is the perfect place for you because the method of sharing is slightly different on desktop than mobile. Follow the steps underneath to learn how you can do that.

  1. Open the Amazon app on your phone and tap on the 3 lines at the bottom right corner.
  2. After then, select lists from 4 options. Make sure to select the relevant list if you have more than one.
  3. Click the invitebutton after that.However, select anyone from 2 options either select view only or view and edit.
  4. Once you’ve done that,tap on more and select Facebook from the drop-down menu, and you are all done and good to go!

Why Can’t I Share My Amazon Wish List?

If you are trying to share your amazon wish list but get stuck in sharing it, then there will be several reasons for this. The common problem peoples face is that they wouldn’t find the items on their wish listthey add because they didn’t add them perfectly. So follow the upper method thoroughly to get rid of this problem. However, the second problem could be of amazon glitch because we all know machines get into these sorts of stuff. In this case, signout and sign in again and add the item after that – you’ll see it goes for sure.

How Can I Share An Amazon Wish List with a QR code?

Yes, you can though doing it with QR is more handy and fast. All you need to do is copy your wish list link and go to the QR generated – you can find it online. However, generate the QR of your link and share it with a person, and when he scans the QR, he gets access to your wishlist.


Amazon is the world’s biggest online retailer marketplace, facilitating customers with many helpful features which make it easier for a customer to shop. However, the best and most awesome and useful feature of Amazon is its sharing wish list feature, where you can now share-out Wishlist with your beloved one. In this article, we explain how you can make and share the amazon wish list, so feel free to read it from head to toe, and you’ll definitely get your problem solved.

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