How to Stream YouTube on Discord

how to stream youtube on Discord

Does this ever happen that you watch Youtube content (music, stories, and videos) and instantly want to share it with your friends? In this situation, Discord is a frequent platform where you and your friends can share screens easily with everyone to stream YouTube videos. At the same time, the Discord server also allows you to stream Netflix movies, TV shows, and other content on Discord.

This guide shares simple methods to watch the YT content on the Discord server.

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How to Stream YouTube on Discord with Sound: Enable Integration

The Discord server has a feature to participate with YouTube that allows users to sync their channels straightforwardly. The server also integrates with other social media-sharing or streaming services, including Facebook, Twitch, Spotify, and Twitter.

However, when users synchronize their channels across the platform, their subscriptions from other sites will add to Discord. But remember that users need to connect their YouTube channel to their Discord account. And also sync their accounts with Discord on desktop mode if they initiate the streaming from their smartphone device.

Here we have described the steps you can track to watch YouTube by enabling the integration of your Youtube account to Discord.

  • Launch the Discord app on your device and hover over to the user settings menu from the homepage.
  • Here navigate to the connections option and then choose the Add option to join your youtube.
  • After hovering over the main screen, tap on the My Server option.
  • Then a pop-up menu list will appear on your screen; choose the Server settings option here.
  • Now tap on the integrations option from the server settings page.
  • After that, choose the YouTube server and type and enter the login credentials.

How to Stream YouTube on Discord Via Screen Sharing Feature

Stream YouTube on Discord Via Screen Sharing Feature

Another option to watch the YouTube channels on Discord is sharing your screen on other devices. This option lets you watch YouTube stories and media content on Discord with your friends on other devices. Users can also use this feature during the online gaming or livestream session.

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Below we have shared the steps you can follow on the desktop to share your screen on other servers to watch the YouTube videos on Discord.

  • Open the web browser and launch the youtube.
  • After that, launch the Discord desktop app on your PC.
  • Tap on the server option you will see in the navigation menu on the left side.
  • Then open the voice channel where you want to stream your youtube content.
  • After that, click on the share the screen option you will see at the bottom side.
  • Below the Applications option, choose your browser screen where youtube is playing.
  • Then choose the frame rate, resolution, stream quality, and streaming channels as you want.
  • Now tap on the Go Live option to initiate the streaming on Discord.

Your Discord YouTube streaming status will open once you turn on the Go Live feature. However, as soon as you complete the above steps, move to YouTube and start the video you want to stream on Discord.

How to Watch YT on Discord: Join the Watch Party

Watch YT on Discord

Users also have the watch party feature on Discord that they can use, except for watching YouTube content via Discord integration and screen sharing feature. The YouTube watch party feature allows you to watch the same content with up to 10 other people at the same time.

Here are the steps you can trail to use the YouTube watch party on Discord.

  • Launch the Discord app on your device and log in if you have not already.
  • Then move to the Discord server where you want to host the watch party.
  • Here tap on the Add video option and search for the link or paste the link you want to stream.
  • After that, invite friends by adding their usernames, and then start watching your content on Discord.

How to Stream YouTube on Discord with Friends via OBS Studio

Users can use the OBS (Open Broadcast Software) Studio to play YT videos on Discord, a free streaming video recording tool. However, due to its advanced features, most content creators or streamers use it as the OBS connection gives a more notch of control while streaming.

To play the YouTube video on Discord with OBS Studio, you need a PC, a video capture device, download and install OBS ( Open Broadcast Software) Studio, and the OBS VirtualCam Plugin.

Here we have described the step-by-step guide you can track to use the OBS Studio.

  • First, users require to add a source that captures their YouTube screen on their computer in OBS Studio.
  • Tap the OBS application’s plus (+) icon to do that.
  • Then tap on the desired window capture that you want where the YouTube video is playing on a browser or application.
  • After that, start the OBS VitualCamera within OBS Studio and join a voice channel on your Discord server.
  • Now start your webcam by tapping the Turn on Camera option to stream the YouTube content on Discord.

Users can now invite friends or community members to link from the voice channel.

How to Play YouTube Videos in Discord Bot

Play YouTube Videos in Discord Bot

Apart from Discord’s inbuilt support features, you can use third-party software like bots. The cool Discord bots are basically artificial intelligence-powered apps that can assist users in automating chores on your Discord server.

Moreover, the internet is exploding with thousands of bots you can select from to meet your needs. Remember that if you want to use the bot to stream YouTube videos on your Discord, you have to sign up for that bot and add it to your Discord server.

Here we have shared a list of the best Discord bots to select the one you want to stream YouTube content on Discord.

  • Chipbot
  • MEE6
  • Nightbot
  • Uzox Bot
  • Muxy
  • Octave
  • Dyno Bot

Play YouTube on Discord Watch Together Feature

Play YouTube on Discord Watch Together Feature

The watch together feature is a simple way on Discord that allows users to watch YouTube videos. But remember that users can use this feature on the desktop, not Discord mobile applications.

Also, you have to ensure you have permission to use the watch together in Discord. Having the permission go to the voice channel >  tap the Join Activity option.

  • Once you join the voice channel, then tap on the rocket icon.
  • After that, tap on the watch together option on the menu.
  • Then tap on the YouTube option tab. You will see below the watch together option.
  • Copy and paste the YouTube video’s URL into the search box you want to stream on Discord.

Now everybody in the voice channel can see the youtube content simultaneously. You can also adjust the volume and chat via text and voice messages.

What to do if YT Watch Together Feature not Working?

YT Watch Together Feature not Working

The Discord Watch Together service will stream YouTube the content video and audio via your operating system video and audio output device that you are using. However, your operating system output could probably differ from your Discord audio and video output.

So, if you do not hear the sound of the video content in Discord, watch together service. It means you have to set your Discord audio output to a various device than your system audio output.

If you want to modify the audio sound on Discord watch together, you must change the audio source, which is particular for your operating system. To update your operating system audio output, tap on the speaker’s icon in the taskbar on your windows and set the audio output.