Screen Share Functionality: Share Screen FaceTime on Any Device

Can You Screen Share On Facetime
Can You Screen Share On Facetime

Share Screen FaceTime: Are you aware of the term “screen sharing or share screen”? Let us first make the concept clear. Screen sharing is the process by which one can share the screen with you. To be sharper suppose you have a desktop that displays both your screen and someone else screen. So let’s follow the complete tutorial on how to Share Screen on FaceTime without losing time.

Now, if the screen sharer gives permission, you can both take action on the same screen. It seems that both of you are sitting side by side, but both are quite far from each other.

See, a mere showing of the screen is something different, but once you give a person to share the screen, you must be well aware of his intention. Once he starts sharing the screen, he will be well aware of the passwords and the hard drives, and other related documents.

Why should one share a screen with another?

There are some reasons for the FaceTime share screen. Let us try to know some of them.

  • In most corporate matters, it is seen that while there is a problem in solving a question, then you have to share it with someone who can solve it.
  • On the other side, if you also wish to show someone the steps to solve a problem, screen sharing is a perfect option.
  • Most of the time, screen sharing is done for acknowledged collaboration.
  • From the personal side, if you wish to show an entirely confidential video, then screen sharing is quite applicable.
  • Through screen sharing, you can easily share a particular video or mail with a particular person.
  • You can share the photos or documents with one who is included in your friend-list.
Facetime Screen Share
Facetime Screen Share

Share Screen FaceTime

Screen time mainly arrives as a virtual webcam on our device. If you click it, you will see that there is a FaceTime HD camera. Now select the screen time, and you are all set to use it.

Most Apple users can easily download it on their mobiles. If you want, then you can share screen time with your desktop via FaceTime. In such a case, your friend doesn’t need to have FaceTime.

We have created FaceTime Screen Share Video as many of our visitors didn’t get the proper way to invite option on imessage.

Once you start using it, you will feel very nice and relaxing at the same time. The whole matter is amicable.

Top Features of Screen Time

There are some essential features of screen time. Let us try to know some of them.

  1. Screen time will let you monitor various display actions on the screen.
  2. Screen time will also allow the user to apply creative video posts. Your friend will be surprised to get such a fun activity even if the connection is low in such a situation.
  3. It will also let the webcam display a Picture in Picture or PIP on your screen. With this, your friend will be able to see your picture and desktop at the same time.

How to Share Your Screen on FaceTime

For a Mac user, FaceTime is the go-to app when it comes to video calls. While it might not be the best video conferencing app out there, Apple users still choose FaceTime over other tools. It’s easy to use, it provides excellent quality, and your contacts are always just a few clicks away.

However, once you start using FaceTime for more than just a quick call with a friend, you might want to get more out of it. For example, when you arrange a group meeting and need to share your screen on FaceTime with everyone, you’ll be surprised to find there is no obvious screen sharing option.

Share Your Screen on FaceTime through Webcam 

If you’re using a physical webcam, you can set it up facing your computer screen instead of your face.

That way, your contacts will get to see your screen but with minimal functionality – not to mention the quality of such a video session. So if you need to properly share your screen on FaceTime so that your contacts see your actions online and take over when needed, choose the following method instead.

How To Share Screen On Facetime
How To Share Screen On Facetime

Use Messages to Share Your Screen

You can share your screen on FaceTime via the Messages app that also comes pre-installed on Mac. There’s no need to download anything or create any new accounts. Just follow these steps:

  1. Open the Messages app and sign in with your Apple ID account.
  2. Find the chat with the user that you want to share your screen with. Alternatively, could you start a new conversation with them?
  3. In the upper right corner of the chat, find the Details button and click on it.
  4. Tap on the double screen icon.
  5. Now you can choose from Invite to Share My Screen and Ask Share Screen.

You can also find the screen sharing choices right on top of the chat. Click on the recipient’s name and want to share your screen from the drop-down menu.

Another way to do it is through the app’s ribbon menu. At the top of the screen, prefer Buddies from the menu. There, you will find the same Invite to Share My Screen and Ask to Share Screen options to choose from.

  1. When you click on one of the options, the other person will get a request pop up on their screen. They can choose to Accept or Decline; then, you can continue your video call.


Q: Can you screen share on FaceTime iPhone?

A: Apple FaceTime cannot do screen sharing, but Apple notification can as of OS X 10.7. If you launch Messages, the screen sharing feature can be found under the menu item ‘Friends.

Q: Can you spy on someone with FaceTime?

A: Massive Glitch Allows People to Spy on You Via FaceTime. A significant software bug was discovered that makes it possible for callers to use the app to eavesdrop on you while using it, even if you don’t answer a FaceTime call.

Q: Can you screen mirror on FaceTime?

A: Tap on “Screen Mirroring,” then choose your Apple TV or AirPlay-compatible television from the device list. Switch to the proper input on your television, and you should see your iOS device mirrored on the larger screen. At this point, you can use FaceTime or any other video chat app as natural.