How to Turn on/off Vibration on iPhone

how to turn off vibration on iphone
how to turn off vibration on iphone

If you are constantly irritated by vibrations and want to disable it on your iPhone. Fortunately, you can easily turn off the vibration on your iPhone by following this guide.

Vibration on iPhone is turned on by default, irrespective of whether the device is in silent mode. It means your phone will vibrate whenever you get an alert or notification.

However, iPhone has many ways to let you know about notifications, including several vibration settings. These vibrations, combined with sounds and visual indicators on your screen, can assist you in seeing the details you need to know. But if you don’t like it, you can toggle the vibration on/off in a few clicks.

Note: if you want to prevent your iPhone from vibrating, you can put your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode; this will silence all your notifications.

How to Turn off vibration on iPhone

If you want to prevent your iPhone from vibrating, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Move down and tap Sounds & Haptics option in your settings menu and tap open.
Sounds & Haptics
  • Under Vibrate drop-down options, you’ll see different options to vibrate on ring & vibrate on silent. If the feature is turned on, the option will appear green. You can turn them off by dragging the slider to disable them.
vibrate on ring

Further, if you want to enable Vibrate again, follow steps 1 & 2, and you can turn on the feature by dragging it despite disabling it.

How to Turn on vibrate on iPhone in iOS 16

Many iPhone users face issues since the “vibrate on Silent & vibrate on Ring” option seems missing in iOS 16. Therefore, they can’t turn on/off vibrate on iOS 16.

Don’t fret; you can still get your phone to vibrate in silent mode or disable vibration while on silent in iOS 16, as the vibration setting placement is different in iOS 16. Also, the vibrate term has been replaced with Play Haptics. So here’s how you can do it on iOS 16.

  • Open settings > sounds & Haptics.
sounds & Haptics
  • Move to the bottom of the screen and turn on the toggle option next to “play Haptics in silent mode.”

You can also turn off the vibrate mode in iOS 16 by just going to settings >sound & Haptics and turning off the toggle. Remember that turning off the silent vibration will entirely make your iPhone mute.


How to Turn Off All Vibrations on iPhone

Follow the below instructions to disable all vibrations on iPhone completely:

  • Open settings > Accessibility.
  • Tap Touch in the physical & Motor section.
  • Slide the Vibration switch to the Off position.
  • When you turn off this switch, all vibrations on your iPhone will be disabled, including amber alerts, emergency alerts, and other notifications.

Note: this switch prevails vibration settings in settings> Sound & Haptics.

Can I Enable Vibrations For Calls & Texts Only?

If you wish that your iPhone only vibrates on incoming calls and texts, unfortunately, there is no direct way to turn on vibration for calls and texts only right now. But when you turn off System Haptics or Vibration, it will disable all iPhone vibrations.

Although, you may have to give up vibration on Ring mode to make your iPhone vibrate only in silent mode. For this, you have to follow the below instructions.

  • Turn on System Haptics in sound & Haptics.
  • Disable play Haptics in ring mode, then turn on Play Haptics in Silent mode.
  • After that, turn on Vibration in Accessibility > Torch.


Q: How to Turn on/ off Keyboard vibration?
To turn on Keyboard vibration in iOS 16, go to settings >sounds & Haptics. Then click on Keyboard Feedback and enable “Haptic” to allow haptic vibration.To disable the keyboard vibrations, follow the same steps and turn off the “Haptic” toggle.
Q: How to Change Vibration Intensity on iPhone?
However, iOS offers no such option for changing vibration intensity. You can either choose a different vibration pattern that you think vibrates louder.To modify the default vibration for Ringtone, go to settings> sound & Haptics. Choose Ringtone > vibration. Now choose a vibration pattern from the vibrations list that best suits you. If you still not satisfied with the vibration, then try to customize your vibration. This is the only way to increase the intensity of vibration.To make your custom vibration, Tap on “Create new vibration” under the custom section. Then tap “screen to record a pattern.” Once you are done, tap “save.”

Q: How to silence notifications on iPhone?

• Go to Settings > notifications.
• Move down to the app with notifications you wish to disable or limit and click it.
• To disable all notifications, toggle the button beside Allow Notifications to off.
• You can also limit the app’s notifications, set where it can show a notification (lock screen, Banners, or notification center), and turn off or on Sounds & Badges.Note: You can also silence notifications by using Do not disturb mode.
Q: How to turn off silent mode on iPhone?
To disable silent mode on iPhone, flip the switch on the side. You can also do this from the settings app by going to Accessibility > Assistive Torch > Device, then select Unmute.
Q: Does the haptic drain iPhone’s battery?
Yes, haptic feedback can drain your phone’s battery faster.

Final Words

However, turning on/off vibration on an iphone is quite a simple process that can be done with a few taps. We have mentioned the process of enabling /disabling vibrations on iphone iOS 16. By following this guide, you can set the vibration setting per your preferences.