How to Unlink iPhones Via Settings, iCloud & iTunes

How to Unlink iPhones
How to Unlink iPhones

Apple provides a simple way to link all associated iOS devices together and sync numerous pieces of data among them with one Apple ID. But at one point, you might wish to unsync the iPhones so that you can discontinue the connection between them. In this blog, we will discuss how to unsync the iPhones. However, How to unlink iPhones two iPhones with the same ID is quite simple. ( You can easily do it by opening the iTunes application on your system. Then, Log in with your Apple ID details and tap on the iCloud tab. Choose the Device you wish to disconnect. Now, wait a few seconds for the process to finish, and then click on the Done option to end the process.

Although the iPhone is the most well-known smartphone brand for various reasons, the main reason it has been recognized and appreciated worldwide is Apple’s security protocol for its devices. It is renowned for providing its own operating system and security protocol, which is covered by its cloud service, iCloud. Now, let’s jump to the next section to learn the different ways of unsyncing iPhones.

Different Ways to Unlink iPhones

When you wish to erase your associated iOS Device, such as an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, from your Apple ID, you can do it from the settings app. So, in this section, we will let you know several ways to unsync your iPhone via settings, iCloud, and iTunes.

1.      Un-linking iPhones via Settings

The first way to unsync your Device is to remove the Apple ID from any one of them. You can easily do it by viewing the iPhone’s settings. Removing the Apple ID will unsync your devices and prevent all of your data from syncing. After that, the particular Device will not appear in the list of linked devices to the specific Apple ID. You can follow the below steps to remove the Apple ID from your iPhone.

  • Open settings and choose your Device’s name from the upper of the screen.
  • Then, move down and find the Device you wish to unlink. Now, choose the name of the Device.
  • Now, opt for Remove from Account option from the next screen. After that, you will see a popup window, where you have to tap on the Remove option again.
  • Now, apply the guidelines you will see on the screen, enter your Apple ID password and toggle off the Locate My iPhone option to unsync the Device.
    unlink iPhones via settings
    unlink iPhones via settings

2.      Unlinking iPhones using iTunes

The other way to unsync your iPhone is through iTunes. So to finish the process, you will have to use the app on your system. Follow the below instructions to unsync your iPhone using iTunes.

  • First, you have to open the application and log in with your Apple ID details.
  • Tap on Account and choose the View my account option.
  • After that, tap on Manage Devices to get an entire list of all the linked devices. Find the one you wish to unlike and tap on the Remove option that you will locate next to the Device.
  • Now, wait a minute for the process to be finished, and then tap on the Done
  • If you are a Mac user, so you can also do this in the Finder app by following the given process.

3.      Un-linking iPhones using iCloud

You can also unsync iPhones by using the iCloud website. Also, you can quickly access the website on any browser and unsync the Device you would like. Now, follow the below instructions for completing the process.

  • First, you have to shut down your Device to make it in offline mode at the start.
  • Launch com and then tap on Find iPhone> All devices.
  • Now, find the list of all your devices and tap on the one you wish to unlink. Hit the Remove from Account
  • Enter your Apple ID, and click on the Trust option to skip the confirmation process.
  • After a few minutes, the iPhone you select will be unsynced with your Account.

How to Unlink Two iPhones with iPhone Unlocker?

If you forget your Apple ID password or wish to reset it, don’t worry, iOS unlocker is an iCloud lock removal tool that assists you in such circumstances. You can easily erase the existing Apple ID and iCloud on activated devices. As a result, you can use an iOS unlocker to bypass your Apple ID password and delete your iPhone from an old Apple account. It can erase passwords, ID, screen lock passwords such as 6-digit or 4-digit codes, Touch ID or Face ID, and more.

iOS unlocker
iOS unlocker

However, you can freely download and run the unlocker on your system. So select the Remove Apple ID feature to unsync iPhones, and then link the iPhone to the system via USB cable. Then click on Trust on the iPhone screen to make an association between the system and the iOS Device. When the iOS unlocker identifies your phone, you will see the Remove Apple ID interface. So to erase the Apple ID passcode, you have to toggle off the Find My iPhone feature during the removal process. Next, tap on the Start option to remove the Account and passwords. When the removal is completed, you can access this iPhone without an Apple account and password. You can directly create a new Apple ID or log in with another account.

Tip to Fix when iPhones Keep Receiving Messages From Each Other After Unlinking?

Instead of the fact you have successfully unsynced the iPhone from your previous Apple ID. There are still various cases that report the receipt of texts even after the complete execution of the unsyncn process. There might be a minor chance that the Apple ID has been entirely dislinked from the iPhone and is still somehow connected. For such scenarios, some verification can be undertaken to proficiently confirm the unsyncing of the Device from the Apple ID. The basic reason for such issues can be iCloud. Which is often linked with iMessages since a similar Apple ID is used for the feature. Any user can follow two different instructions to resolve this issue.

  • Launch the settings of your iPhone and go toward choosing “iMessages” from the options. Click “Send & receive” on the next page and find your ID. Then log out with your ID and log in with different details.
  • Likewise, you have to view the settings of your iPhone and find the “Messages” option from the list. Choose “Send & receive” from the next window and uncheck the email addresses displaying the message “you can be reached by iMessage at” across both devices.

Now you have to ensure that similar Apple IDs are not linked over FaceTime, which would make the other user get the other Device’s FaceTime call.

Wrapping Up

This article has discussed various methods in detail to unlink iPhones and provides you with a variety of methods that can be tested across multiple platforms to successfully execute the operation and detach your Apple ID from certain devices. Each method will assist you in disconnecting your Apple ID from your specific device. Furthermore, if you are not concerned about data loss, use the iCloud method to unsync the device.

You also don’t have to be concerned if you forget your Apple account password. You can use the iCloud iOS unlocker to recover your password and unlink the iPhones. Hopefully, the above guide will be beneficial for you. If you experience any issues, feel free to leave a comment with us.