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You include images in your articles to attract people to read your text. Well-chosen images also strengthen your article message that means adding an image in the article give you an additional plus point. But, Is it your image full-fill the Image Optimization SEO condition to get direct organic traffic from google without social sharing?

image optimization
Image Optimization

According to Google, 30% traffic, you only get from the image. you don’t realize it but you daily loss 30% organic traffic.

How you get direct organic traffic from google through the image. Let me explain it first.

When you write an article, you add a lot of an image in it for the better explanation so that your visitor get easily grab the information in your an article. A human can easily understand the image by visualizing it. If they like the image, they definitely click on it.

But what about the Google Spider. Who google spider understand the image. Like human Google Spider can not see, so they need help to understand Image. If Google spiders do not understand your image, they do not send traffic to your website. You have to tell about the image to google by Writing a good Image Tittle and Image ALT Tags because they send the message about image towards search engine spiders and improve the accessibility of your website. The process in which Providing Good image title and Alt Tag is called Image Optimization SEO.

How To Do Image Optimization SEO

Image Optimization SEO is a very simple job if you know who to properly do it. The image optimization SEO can be divided into five parts are,

  1. Choose the right file name ( Image URL);
  2. Image file type (format);
  3. Reduce the image size;
  4. Image optimization in WordPress;
  5. Advance image optimization.

Choose The Right File Name

Image optimization starts with the editing the file name. Whenever we take a picture in mobile or camera, then this device set a numerical number to the image. Example DSC4536.jpg,

Choice right file name
Right file name

This name is good for the device to separate image from one another, But not good for Google as well as for Visitor. DSC4536.jpg says absolutely nothing about what the photo contains or how it might be used. Pop that photo on your site without amending the file name, and you’ll bump up against Google’s image publishing guidelines.

The file name is the first location, where we have to use the keyword (focus keyword) in the image.file name for image optimization SEO purpose.

How To select a good name for the image? It’s simple: If your are in a garden and click an image of a “flower” and this flower is a white rose. Then you can write a Tittle like “White Rose in a Garden”. The file name shouldn’t be DSC4536.jpg, but “White rose in garden.jpg”. This helps search engines understand what the picture contained on the page is.

white rose in garden
White Rose

The main keyword would be “White Rose” , as that is the main subject of the photo, that is why I added that at the beginning of the file name. Naming your images to reflect the substance of the image is important.

Image File Types

The different device uses the different type of format to make a high-quality image. Some format has 1MB in size and some have 10 MB in size. But my point is that which format is good to upload on the net. which type of image file is good and why. Let me explain, the image Format in short,

Image format comparison
Image format
  1. JPEG are one of the most popular file types on the internet, mainly because they work well with very complex images such as those taken with a camera. The disadvantage of the JPEGs file is actually lost their quality when they are compressed but the loss of quality in not detect by the naked eyes. As such, they are one of the best formats for most web graphics.
  2. GIF files are a much lower quality image than a JPEG image and are best for small decorative images and icons. In most cases.  The disadvantage of the GIF file consumes more size on the net and increase the loading time of the website. I recommended you never use this type of file, it only increase the load on the server. You can still use this type of image but if you have no other option.
  3. PNG is my favorite format. PNG files allow for many more colors in the file than JPEG and GIF files and they do not lose quality when compressed as JPEG files tend to do. A PNG file at the same quality as a JPEG is often three times as large. PNGs also have a specific Alpha channel, which adds transparency to the image, something that is very important for certain image types like logos, where you need to place them on non-white backgrounds. I personally recommended you to use this type of file as much as possible.

Reduce File Size

The next step is to reduce image size without losing quality  for faster loading of the page  and decrease the loading time of the website so that visitor can easily load it. Before uploading the image to the website you have to manually reduce the size of the image so that website can run fast. Because image size is the major factor that affects the speed and loading time of the website.

Showing image size
File Size

Image Optimization SEO In WordPress

Image optimization has 4 different sub-parts are explained below,

  1. Tittle.
  2. Caption.
  3. Alt Text
  4. Description
image optimization seo
Image Option

How To use Tittle

Now we come to the main part of the image that is the Title box. We all know google can not see like a human eye. They need help to understand about the image, what the actual image say. So here come Tittle box which tells google the image is related to something and help to make full fill the image optimization SEO condition.

Cat playing with Blue Ball in the room
Cat playing with Blue Ball in the room

What should be write in the Title box? Let me explain with the example, consider the above image. what is the first thing come to your mind when you see this image. “a cat”, It is the title of your post because when you saw the image, tell me which thing caught your eyes first that is definitely ” a cat”.

To make your image more targetable and more SEO friendly you have to give more information about your an image. let us consider again the same image. The first time you write only “a cat” in the title box. Now see once again the image, tell me what you see,” a cat is playing.

How it become a more targetable image, the reason is very simple. If some search the image of “cat”, then google shows a lot of result of an image. Maybe your image is not shown in that result or at the bottom of the page. But if someone search “playing cat” then the chance of your image increase. It works same as like a long tail keyword work. The title is a little part of the image optimization SEO.

How to use Captions

As of right now, there’s no direct relation between image captions and search engine rankings (that I know of). However, bounce rates and Average time are taken into account. What do I mean by bounce rate? If someone searches for a term, clicks on your page and bounces back to the search page quickly without click on next article or next page,search engines use that as a factor for rankings. It makes sense too.

What do I mean by bounce rate? If someone searches for a term, clicks on your page and bounces back to the search page quickly without click on next article or next page,

Average time means total time spent by the visitor on your site. Search engines use these two as a factor for rankings. It makes sense too.

Why would someone go back to the search results? Because the content didn’t satisfy what they were looking for and. So that is the major reason behind bounce rate. To attract visitor to reduce the bounce rate and that’s where image captions come in.

Image captions are important because they are one of the most well-read pieces of content on your entire site. So, if you fail to use them, you’re losing out on one more chance to lower your bounce rate and increase your Average time. A caption is a great way to stop the eye of a scanner breezing through your web page.

Clock show time
Time Spent

By keeping those readers engaged with your content for just a little bit longer, you could do better on search. To caught visitor as long as possible on a page use caption. So caption plays indirectly image optimization SEO.

Hint:- Write something attractive to make the long click.

How to use Alt Tags

add alt tag to image
Alt tag

Alt tag is the Second most important part of the Image. This is a basically alternative method which tells the google about the image. Again, we consider the same image (cat). Now if you want to give more information about the image. Just write in image Alt Tag like,” a cat is playing with the ball”. This box tells google cat is actually playing in this image. When someone type “playing a cat with the ball” google put your article on the first page. More information more chance to get traffic.

How to use Description

Image Description in also good for SEO as well as for visitor purpose. You can write more briefly about the image like the color of cat, the color of image , cat location (is it in the home or outdoor) etc. This type of information you can provide to google in the description box.


  • Keep it Simple :- Images are always of secondary importance to the actual written copy of the article. Keep that in mind when creating the alternative text. The general rule of thumb is to make the text less than five words.
  • Avoid keyword stuffing:- Google’s dislike for keyword stuffing extends to alt text as well, so it is to be avoided at all costs.

You can also take the advantage of the advanced image optimization SEO by putting the Sitemap of the image in webmaster tool and tell google about your image in the more precise way. An image sitemap can help Google find additional information about images on your site. These details may include the subject matter, caption, title and geo geographic location etc.

If you have a large website and can’t fix image you can use SEO Friendly image to do this job with the help of Plugin.

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