What is the Function And Meaning of Yoast Readability in Yoast Plugin

improve yoast readability
Improve Readability

When we write an article we only focus on SEO but not on the Text structure of the content. We always write an article which is good for SEO purpose but what about the user readability. Is it your article can easily read by the visitor? Yoast readability is the new feature, introduce in the yoast plugin to check the text structure of the content.

reading mobile screen

It is unclear whether readability is an explicit ranking factor. Therefore we don’t know whether Google uses the Flesch score as a ranking factor in its algorithm to Rank the page. Either way, from a holistic SEO perspective, readability is very important. A Holistic Approach to SEO thus means you focus on it all:

If your text is too difficult to read for your audience. This might scare off your audience and make them search for information elsewhere. A difficult text will result in a high bounce rate and this will lead to the lower ranking in the long run. So, you should definitely make sure your texts are well written and not too difficult.

According to Wikipedia ” Readability is the ease with which a reader can understand a written text. The readability of text depends on its Content and Typography (font size, line height, and line length).

Glass ball on paper batter reading
Read with Glass

Content-  Means the complexity of its vocabulary and syntax. You can correct Syntax and Vacubalary mistake by using Grammarly software. It is a great software to find hidden mistake in the article

Typography-  Means font size, line height, and line length. If you don’t know about it then go to hongkiat.com to understand about Typography.

To check the content and Typography yoast add a new algorithm called “Text Structure” or Readability. With the help of Yoast readability function, you can easily check how much your content is easy to ready by the user.

Yoast Plugin all green light in Content analysis tab
Yoast Plugin

If you don’t like this feature you can also disable this feature under Yoast setting SEO>>Title&Meta. Yoast Plugin Consist of a Two Tab, the first is content Analysis and Second is SEO Analysis Tab. Let me explain this Tab one by one, so first one is;

Content Analysis Tab

According to the latest case study by the yoast on 1000 of the website. They analysis and find people love to read the shorter sentence and a short paragraph. But they love the lengthy article to read for better understanding. On the basis of the analysis, report yoast introduce a new tab called yoast readability tab or content analysis tab. The content analysis Tab consists of 7 readability checks.

Content analysis tab
Content analysis tab

Yoast readability i.e content analysis tab help you to measure the length of the Sentence and inform you if the length of the sentence is greater than 20 words. It also informs you if you write a paragraph more than 300 words. They have the modern algorithm to find the Passive Voice, Transition words, and Flesh reading Score. On the basis of that Score, yoast readability feature helps you to write more Readability content.

SEO Analysis Tab

The second are SEO Analysis Tab. In the SEO tab, you’ll find the snippet editor, the field to enter your focus keyword, Tittle, URLs (Slug) and Meta Description. I already explain the feature of SEO tab in “How to write SEO Optimized content in WordPress” article.

SEO analysis Tab
SEO analysis Tab

Here is a little Touch about SEO Analysis Tab are;

If you write a relatively SEO-friendly text (based on the aspects mentioned above) the plugin will indicate this with a green bullet. Writing pages that are rewarded with green bullets will help you improve the ranking of those pages.

How to Write A Good Yoast Readability Content

If you search on google ” how to write a content” you will get a lot of article on it. The different author writes a content in different way or style, But the writing pattern is same. They Use Subheading, the Different size of text, Color, Highlight the Important word, Short or Long paragraph, adding an image so many other things. So that their visitor can easily understand and read the article.

Writing Quality Content with advice
Writing Quality Content

Today we learn the general pattern follow by all the Author to write the content.

  1. Create a list
  2. Bundling Topic Together
  3. Ordering

Before Writing an article you should have to think about it. For Example how many Subheading we use in it, how many Topic we have to cover, how many Paragraph we use it, etc.

When we did with this, create a list and bundle up all the paragraph together and place in Order or Sequence. First, we explain the meaning of question means what we are going to explain. Then place the easy paragraph so that user can easily read and make an attraction with your article and then place the difficult part.


  1. A paragraph not only contains one sentence.
  2. A paragraph contains one core sentence and an elaboration of this core sentence.
  3. A paragraph should be made visible (by using white space).
  4. The length of a paragraph is decided by the theme you are discussing. It could be two sentences, but a paragraph could also contain 15 sentences. For writing on websites, we would advise creating short paragraphs (stick to less than 6 or 7 sentences).

How To Find The Readability Mistake In The Article

Again Yoast introduces the one more function in the Yoast readability. Let me explain, before Yoast only show the percentage of the Mistake in the paragraph. But now it adds to check button (button like an eye) option in the plugin so that you can easily check it where you did the mistake.

  • Go to Readability Option and check which line show error in your article,
  • Now click on it. See screenshot for better understanding.
click on error in yast readability function
Click on mistake
  • Now scroll the page and see yoast automatically highlight the mistake in your article.
check Content analysis mistake in Yoast
Highlight Mistake

Focus on the Following Readability Words

Focus on wallpaper
Focus on Important point

Flesch Reading: – The general meaning of the Flesch is” to know everything in detail”. But flesh reading is an equation which is developed by the Rudolf Flesch to check or calculate the easiness of the paragraph. So that user can easily read the content.

Transition words: – Since the goal of a writer is to convey information clearly and concisely, transitions word help achieve that aim by providing a logical connection between one or more sections of a piece of writing.

Passive Voice: – The passive voice is a grammatical construction (specifically, a “voice“). The noun or noun phrase that would be the object of an active sentence appears as the subject of a sentence with passive voice.

How To Disable  Content Readability Analysis Tab

Disable and Enable the Content readability Analysis tab in Yoast Plugin is very simple. Login your WordPress as Admin and Click on Tittle & Meta Under SEO.

Disable And Enable Option of Yoast readbility
Disable And Enable Option

Tips For writing “Yoast readability Content” in wordpress

  • Focus on your audience;
  • Clear-Cut paragraphs;
  • Short sentences;
  • Limit difficult words;
  • Use transition words;
  • Mix it up.

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