iPhone 15 Series may Feature iPhone 14 Pro Series 48MP Cameras


Apple iPhone 15 series is still away months from launch, but many rumors are already reported regarding the upcoming iPhone 15 series. The latest rumor revealed some interesting facts regarding the upcoming series.

Apple iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro feature a 48-megapixel rear camera lens. As per reports, it has been said that the 48 MP lens on the iPhone 15 series will use a new three-stacked sensor that can capture more light and enhance the image quality.

However, Apple first introduced a 48 MP camera lens on the iPhone 14 Pro & 14 Pro Max last year. The lens allows users to shoot 48-megapixel ProRAW photos, which keeps more detail in the image file for more editing flexibility.

Additionally, stacked sensors on the lower-end model in the upcoming iPhone 15 series may face yielding issues and create a potential production delay for the launch of the iPhone 15 series.