iPhone 15 Rumored to Support a New Charging Port


The upcoming iPhone model 15 is expected in September next month. That could have a feature that no earlier iPhone has ever had: a faster speed charging port.

The media reports that the new iPhone could contain a USB Type C charger port on the phone’s bottom. And iPhones can be recharged with up to 35W, enabling faster charging speed. But right away, it is unclear whether 35W charging will be limited to the iPhone 15 pro models or will work with the entire iPhone 15 lineup or all iPhone models.

It is the same charging port used on every laptop sold in the previous few years and Android phones and iPads. The USB-C connector would swap Apple’s exclusive lightning port, which has enhanced the bottom of each iPhone model launched since 2012.

iPhone users can no longer take two cables for their phones and other devices while traveling. Android users could derive chargers from people who have iPhones. Users could derive chargers from anyone using a fresher laptop.

However, Apple has not confirmed that its new iPhones will feature a USB-C charging port and did not reply to an appeal for comment. When Apple deviations the ports on its device, cynics believe it is an exertion to make more money on its top-priced cables.

For example, when Apple company added USB-C chargers to MacBook laptops initial in 2015. It illustrated jokes about the dongles required to plug older accessories into the new laptops. But Apple makes cash from its cables and has a program where accessory makes access pay.