Lightning Network Plans To Change The Future Of Bitcoin Transactions With Its Latest Expansion

Bitcoin Transactions
Bitcoin Transactions

The Bitcoin Lightning Network team has taken up the challenge of charting the future of Bitcoin website. Their latest exploits could very well be Bitcoin’s saving grace!

The Lightning Network is a two-tiered problem-solving platform that improves the scalability of users on the Bitcoin network. The platform shortens the duration of transactions while reducing the fees at the same time. Users on the lightning networks are offered a more straightforward way to trade products and services. For example, you could buy coffee on this platform with your preferred currency.

The potential of the Lightning Network is vast. This has contributed greatly to its rapid expansion. Many tech companies are teaming up with the Lightning Network team to expand and improve on its existing infrastructure. One of these companies is LQwD Fintech Corp (OTC: LQWDF, TSXV: LQWD).

LQwD is the only publicly-listed company affiliated with Lightning Network on the market. The group has about 150 BTC in its wallet to foster the growth of the Lightning Network. It currently assists in developing operating channels and nodes on the network. The company has contributed extensively to the continuous development of the Lightning Network.

Launching A More Accessible Platform

The LQwD Fintech Corporation has announced its plans to create a better enterprise-grade system to improve the development of the Lightning Network. The company can be described as a Lightning Network-centric technology company committed to developing efficient platforms for the Lightning Network.

The newly launched platform will provide users with a toolset to easily access Lightning. It has a vision of providing investors and users with the best ways to weather the future of BTC.

LQwD has successfully created the first scalable lightning platform for the Bitcoin ecosystem. A fantastic aspect of the new platform is that it is capable of carrying out Visa-like transactions. Users on the network will have a better means of activating and utilizing their nodes on the Lightning Network. This means credible Lightning Network channels can be easily created. Users will have more confidence in the security of transactions on the network. In addition to this, they would also be allowed to manage liquidities in a properly organized manner.

LQwD’s chances of opening up more nodes in the Lightning Network are getting stronger by the day. The Fintech corp’s footprint within the system is moving at a rapid pace. Should this continue, the Lightning Network-centric group will eagerly set other plans in motion. The team at LQwD believes that the launched platform can boost the global adoption of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

Partnerships Involved

The Lightning Network team and LQwD Fintech Corp are collaborating with two other companies— and Breez—to bring several proposed innovations to life. is a subsidiary of BIGG digital assets. The top Canadian crypto trading exchange company’s agreement with Lightning Network states that it is responsible for developing and implementing a node within the newly launched platform. will act as a liquidity supplier for LQwD’s cryptocurrency platform, hosted on This agreement also stretches to BIGG, as the mother company will be tasked with providing premium, government-licensed compliance software applications to LQwD and

The second company, Breez, is a high-ranking service provider on the Lightning Network. Breez will include LQwD as a liquidity partner in its services. In return for this partnership, LQwD will become one of the liquidity providers within Breez Company. It will be tasked with offering liquidity to clients on the platform while servicing at least some nodes on the network.

Future Plans

This project marks the start of many exploits for the LQwD Fintech Corp. The group plans to secure additional market shares and also increase its BTC holdings as soon as it can. The team stated that they would be expanding into Lightning Network’s ecosystem in the future while creating a niche for the platform in decentralized finance (DeFi).

About LQwD

LQwD is committed to building Bitcoin payment infrastructure and solving related problems. The company is leveraging the rising global adoption of the Lightning Network and Bitcoin to improve the functionality and transaction capabilities of Bitcoin.

The budding Fintech company has routed nodes in Singapore and Germany, with plans to establish more gateways in the European and Asian regions as time goes by.