MacBook Touch Bar/ Butterfly Keyboard: Is It Virtuous?

MacBook touch bar
MacBook touch bar

Apple server introduced a 13-inch MacBook Pro in 2016 with a touch bar or butterfly keyboard that places the number keys on the keyboard overhead. The touchpad replaces the functions of keys with a touch screen. However, on the basis of examples, the touchpad of the MacBook looks like the company had an excessive plan and is adaptable for the users.

Suppose you want to know more about this touchpad on the MacBook, so you are at the right place. Here in this article, we describe everything you want to know about it. Do continue to read to understand more.

Important Facts

  • The touchpad is a retina display and input device placed above the MacBook Pro’s keyboard.
  • Swipe and tap on the touch bar directly to regulate settings.
  • A touch bar is software constructed to control functions like volume, brightness, Siri, and many more.
  • In May 2020, in the launch of the new MacBook, Apple eliminated the butterfly keyboard.

About Apple MacBook Touch Bar

Apple announced a new MacBook Pro in 2016 on July 31st with an extra feature of an OLED strip overhead the keyboard. They are also known as butterfly keyboards. This additional feature has a touch ability and is also accessible as an active replacement for insert purpose keys. Using this touch bar of Mac, you can access volume, Siri, brightness, mute, and contact tools in programs like play, pause, screen lock, and many more. This model is correspondingly offered USB-C charging as a substitute for MagSafe and sustains Touch ID.

Now Apple is reflecting this Mac product as vintage because it has been six years since this product was launched and sold out. The Mac Pro 2016 stopped delivering in 2017.

However, presently Apple corporation trades three MacBook Pro reproductions, the 14- and 16-inches MacBook Pro (2021) and the recently announced 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro.

How to Use the Touch Bar on Apple MacBook Pro?

How to Use the Touch Bar on Apple MacBook Pro?

If your Mac has a touch bar slide or butterfly keyboard and you are unfamiliar with using the MacBook’s touch bar. You can modify the touch bar settings. To do that, navigate to the system preference on your Mac. Here choose the keyboard then a menu list pops up on your screen. Now select and adjust the settings for the touch bar.

So, continue reading the following recommendations that can assist you in making an experience available.

1. Control Strip

It is situated at the right end of the touch bar. That lets you use Siri and easily adjust the standard settings when you tap on this (control strip) button, and it permits you to set the brightness and volume by swiping left or right on the buttons.

In addition, you can also enlarge the control strip by tapping on (<). Also, you can use the (FN) key on the keyboard to enlarge the control stip.

2. Application Controls

The touch bar on the MacBook has another button that allows you to use the applications. You can use it to add emojis to your messages rapidly. Tap and swipe on the emoji icon at the touch bar, and the emoji list will appear on your screen, tap the one you want to use.

3. Change the Color of Text

Another feature of the touch bar is that you can change the color of your text when using applications. Tap on the color icon and choose a shade you want to use. To remove the color in your text, tap on (x) on the touch bar.

4. Typing Recommendations

The touch bar on the Mac Pro also displays typing suggestions when you are typing to help you save time. To use it, just tap on the keyboard icon and tap a word or something to see the suggestions. If you want to hide the typing suggestion, tap on the (>) on the touch bar.

5. Function Keys

MacBook, which includes the touch bar, also has function keys. To illustrate the function keys on the touch bar, tap and hold the (Fn) key on the keyboard. Now the function keys are displayed on the touch bar.

What’s Good about the MacBook Pros?

Apple made the touchscreen software, and you can trust that the touch bar will precisely respond to your taps and swipes. Here are some good things about this touch bar on MacBook Pros.

  • You can pause and play using the touch bar while listening to a song.
  • You can quickly move the tabs by sliding your finger on the thumbnails.
  • You can do the long calculations to lodge the touch bar on the Macs.

Some Unfortunate Things about the Mac Touch Bar?

The touch bar of the MacBook is not bug-free for users. Regrettably, some users have reported that they face a freeze-up of this feature. Below we have shared some of the bad things people face while using the touch bar.

  • It goes to sleep if you don’t use the touchpad for unevenly a minute.
  • If you are watching a video, the touchpad does not help show you the remaining time info unless you touch the pad.
  • When you are typing into a web form, some users experience that their fingertips brush on the touch bar button to open some tragic process pages.

Is the MacBook Touch Bar Worth It?

Is the MacBook Touch Bar worth it?

The touch bar of Mac Pro was hypothetical to an alternate. Apple company defined it as “A revolutionary way to use your Mac” when it was launched. The inventor of this touch bar added to use it to function the applications. When it was released, the touch bar looked like a fancy gadget that many people were enthusiastic to try.

Some users are modified to use a trackpad on the laptop and the standard location on MacBooks. However, there is mixed comments on the touch bar. Meanwhile, some users contend with problems by accidentally scrubbing the butterfly keyboard while typing something on the upper half of the keyboard, which frequently causes irritation.

Eventually, it is difficult to tell the accuracy that led to its expiry, but it is hard to reject that it is a giant disappointment for many people. Apple company repaired this butterfly keyboard on their next generation of macOS, but unfortunately, this did not improve the touch bar. Though the result persisted same in the end, the company decided to remove this feature from the MacBook Pro (2021).


Apple’s owner claims that the touch bar or butterfly keyboard of MacBook is designed to make a satisfying, comfortable, and pleasing typing experience. But after complaints, the company repaired and made additional programs in it. Unfortunately, customers alleged that the repair had similar problems.

However, the company removed this butterfly keyboard with the new launch of the 2020 MacBook Pro. So, the Apple server will not likely bring the touchpad back anytime soon.

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