MDR Under Defense provides organizations with continuous security monitoring

MDR Under Defense
MDR Under Defense

Today’s cyber attackers are always looking for ways to exploit vulnerabilities to gain access to organizations. To keep up with this rapidly evolving threat environment, security services must constantly investigate potential risks. UnderDefense’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services have become an essential aspect of any modern security suite, as most organizations cannot afford 24/7 security. Most organizations will need to find an external MDR provider in addition to their existing solution, but this is not always a viable solution.

The UnderDefense provider offers the MDR service, which the company provides to support and ensure the normal functioning of the company and business. UnderDefense offers full-service managed mdr services that provide monitoring, threat detection, and incident response in the event of a successful attack.

How does UnderDefense work?

The main benefit of UnderDefense MDR is the continuous improvement of your company’s security. The team is available 24/7 and constantly monitors the risks in your environment. The team develops security tools to ensure you don’t miss any real threat and are always ready to respond appropriately. The team is available 24/7 to manage alerts, incidents, questions, and potential monitoring.

The company also offers an alert analysis based on signals generated by the platform itself. The team also acts proactively when it detects threats, communicating with the organization when risks exist. This area contains internal activity that may indicate existing cyber threats and suspicious and malicious activity. The team also engages in threat hunting and analysis to identify surprise attacks and new vulnerabilities.

Discovery process

If customers discover something suspicious on their endpoint or network, they can count on the expertise of UnderDefense experts to investigate the suspicious material. The team also investigates attacks to understand the scale and impact and update consensus metrics. Users can also get support in the event of a cyber attack. Customers can use the platform to respond to attacks, but they can also turn to UnderDefense for help with more complex remediation and threat response. UnderDefense provides remediation guides and creates custom instructions for countering cyber threats.

Professional advice and research reports

The MDR service is also available to address any questions, concerns, or issues you may have regarding the attack. Users can contact the team about possible attacks, suspicious files and actions, alerts, and other potential questions about MDR. In addition, the company constantly updates and publishes new research on attacks, vulnerabilities, new techniques, and other threats that may affect users. This team produces monthly threat reports and informative articles, as well as frequent website attack reports. Improve your cyber security without losing a lot of money in the process. One of the biggest advantages of the UnderDefense service is that the services are included at no additional cost.

The point is to provide a quality endpoint for your business

The business suite combines multi-layered endpoint security with advanced control tools for effective protection that quickly adapts to the discovery of new potential cyber threats. The package option provides basic protection for enterprise end-user devices and file servers against all types of threats. The Advanced option provides advanced server protection, includes encryption and patch management tools, and provides advanced integration with SIEM tools. The main options complement all this with mail server protection. A custom-designed security and systems management console save valuable time and resources by adding an extra layer of protection to eliminate vulnerabilities and better protect sensitive data. With this console, administrators can view and manage the entire security sector and select security policies for each user.

Using cloud services as an additional level of protection

Current and progressive cyber attacks can paralyze a company’s goals or cause economic and reputational consequences. The loss of funds, trade secrets, or customer trust due to service disruptions or similar negative consequences associated with attacks can seriously affect the stability and well-being of a business. Traditional tools designed to protect network perimeters or workstations and servers are insufficient to protect against rapidly evolving cyber-attacks. Antivirus protection, firewalls, e-mail, and Internet gateways or proxy servers are not enough today.

Today’s companies should consider using specialized tools to detect, investigate and respond to complex threats. UnderDefense is an additional layer of security that automatically protects against advanced cyber threats that can bypass endpoint protection. Built on dynamic threat emulation technology, UnderDefense provides an automated response to all endpoints using best practices to combat sophisticated cyber threats and cyber-attacks.

Advanced threat detection with automatic responses

Gone are the days when malware was simple. Today’s more sophisticated threats can cause much more damage and loss and can lurk in organizations for long periods undetected. Sophisticated cyber attacks are now quite common. Even companies and organizations that previously thought these threats did not apply to them must now remain vigilant.

UnderDefense protects against sophisticated and advanced threats with advanced detection, simplified scanning, and automated response. In this way, you can not only detect threats but also determine the scope and sources of threats and respond effectively before they disrupt the organization’s operations.

Continuous threat detection is becoming a trend

Many organizations approach cybersecurity incidents in emergency mode, focusing on post-incident resolution. Meanwhile, other threats have come into view, and security is just a false sense of security. It is important to actively look for all cyber threats. Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services provide advanced and continuous protection against the growing number of threats that breach automated security barriers that are difficult for organizations with dedicated staff or limited resources to find. The service is available in variants with different levels of advanced IT cyber security.UnderDefense has updated the MDR service. The version now includes the XDR function. This service is based on modern technologies for ensuring cyber security. Security professionals are adding XDR capabilities to their solutions to strengthen the protection of endpoints connected to these users’ networks. This service is aimed at protecting systems and infrastructure and preventing hacking attempts. XDR (Extended Detection and Response) is essential to this. The service leverages existing solutions for seamless protection, detection, and response. The service now includes new customer and analytics portals and multi-site support. The functionality supports AI-powered endpoint protection that uses machine learning to detect malware and user-initiated threats.

Other features include a continuous threat analysis layer that combines the latest threat analysis data with data from your IT environment, automated rapid response to attacks and threats, continuous threat analysis using models, and biometric and behavioral analytics, including authentication. In addition, the solution offers features such as mobile threat detection. Users also receive 24/7 monitoring support from UnderDefense experts to prevent and resolve issues. This gives the user a broader view of the endpoint ecosystem. The solution provides security teams with analytical information to identify, investigate and remediate existing cyber threats.