Microsoft Adds AI-Generated Stories to its Bing Search

Microsoft Adds AI-Generated Stories to Bing Search
Microsoft Adds AI-Generated Stories to Bing Search

In a blog, Microsoft publicized that it will demonstrate AI-generated Stories and Knowledge Cards 2.0 in its Bing Search. According to Microsoft, these stories will allow users to consume bite-sized information in several ways while the knowledge Cards have also been updated with AI interactives.

However, with each update, Microsoft is increasing its GPT-determined features in its products. The stories will offer various ways to consume bite-sized info through text messages, images, video, and audio.

While stories are flawless for visual and acoustic beginners, they are accessible to all Bing users in English, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, French, Portuguese, German, Dutch, and Polish. Furthermore, the story feature is pretty analogous to the ones you will get on social media platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

However, Microsoft is also bringing up-to-date its Knowledge Cards that look on the right side of the Bing search results page. These help users determine topics that focus them with facts, image-built timelines, polls, actions, and connected topics.

Microsoft also alleged we had prolonged the richness and extensiveness of knowledge cards maintained by Bing using generative AI. They state some known problems with Bing chat, making it easier for users to copy chat text from the Bing mobile application on iOS.

The Company team said that we are setting cases where Bing search requests would accidentally induction a chat with the same request when you scroll up. It is also enlightening voice recognition in the Bing mobile app, so messages are not referred to before users are completely speaking.

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