Windows 11 Taskbar Now Has Microsoft’s AI-Powered Bing

Windows 11 Taskbar Now Has Microsoft's AI-powered Bing

Microsoft announced the new update to windows 11 would give hundreds of millions of users access to the AI-powered chatbot, which will be directly accessible from the Windows taskbar.

A new update also brings lots of new features to Windows 11, such as Bing’s ChatGPT and a preview of an iOS phone link. And the New Bing is also undergoing many updates, such as new integration with Skype, the addition of voice search, and others.

If you are among one of the million people given instant access to the new Bing, all you have to experience the windows integration is to install the newest Windows 11 update. If you haven’t got access to new features early, you can either sign up for the wait list or wait for the update to be more widely available.

Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer said that “the search bar is the broadly used feature on Windows, with over half a billion users every month, and now with the typeable window search bar and the new A-powered Bind center, users will find results to their queries faster than ever before.”

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However, Microsoft hasn’t introduced an exact date for a larger rollout; the tech giant does say that “soon” hundreds of windows 11 users will get access to the new AI-Powered Bing taskbar, which could suggest that the latest Bing preview will be expanded sooner rather than later.

Another key upgrade coming to Windows is the first preview of Phone Link for iOS. Although using phone links, iOS users will be able to sync their phones to their windows 11 browser to never miss any call or notification, including iMessage.

Further, phone link has also been available to android phones for some time, and this update also gets some features to optimize the experience.

Other additions include an improved widget system that now allows for third-party widgets, a touch-optimized taskbar, new accessibility features, a screen-recording option in the snipping tool, energy suggestions, and the addition of tabs to the Notepad app.

To benefit from all these windows 11 features, you can manually install the update by checking for updates. But all the features will be delivered in March 2023 through the monthly security update release.

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