Microsoft May Soon Start Testing the Windows 12 Code

Microsoft might soon start testing the Windows 12 code
Microsoft might soon start testing the Windows 12 code

Microsoft is making some great steps for its Windows insiders preview program, which could give some important & major news later.

As per Microsoft’s official blog, the tech giant will be using its newly made Canary Channel to test out Windows OS Builds that will set the foundation for a new major update of the operating system. This new channel will drop down uneven and experimental builds regularly, which will most likely lay the base for Windows 12.

Moreover, the Canary Channel will test new features that “needed longer-lead time” before rolling out for the public. Some of these include major changes to the Windows Kernel, new APIs, etc., and not every feature tested will be launched to the public.

As a consequence, these new modifications in the Dev Channel will be transferred to the Canary Channel since the Dev channel will be getting 23000 series builds. In the meantime, the Canary Channel will receive 25000 series builds, so those wishing to stay in the Dev Channel would have to reinstall Windows Operating System.

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Windows 12: What we know About it

Many rumors exist about the launch of Windows 12, including leaks from Microsoft & Intel. One such leak is that intel’s future CPUs will support Windows 12, and before then, it was reported that Microsoft would be switching to a new engineering schedule that would see the latest version of Windows OS.

The latest OS may also be known as “Next Valley” and may be the first cloud-based OS. However, there isn’t much detail available about the future OS now; instead, the recent rumor is somewhat troubling. Hope that Canary Channel will announce more details about windows 12.