Windows 12 Set to Launch in 2024, Leaked by Microsoft & Intel

Windows 12 Set to Launch in 2024
Windows 12 Set to Launch in 2024

There are several rumors spreading about the launch of Windows 12. The leak discloses that Intel’s upcoming processor will support Windows 12.

Although Microsoft is yet to announce anything about the new successor of Windows 11 officially, it looks like the next-generation operating system from the company may arrive in 2024.

According to the Verge, “a tipster named @leaf_hobby, known for disclosing Intel processor’s specifications before the official launch, has dropped some information about the next-gen Intel processors, reportedly codenamed Meteor Lake, which exposes that Intel’s upcoming processors will support Windows 12.

Further, Microsoft keeps giving hints about the upcoming operating system. For example, at the launch of Windows 11 2H22 new features, the company displayed the new layout design with a hovering taskbar and a faintly redesigned user interface. Also, Microsoft is starting to develop future versions of windows with Improved AI capabilities.

Reports also revealed the Metero Lake processors from Intel that suggest support for 20 PCIe Gen 5 lanes & windows 12 support. According to Zac Bowden mentioned that Microsoft would switch to a new way that would see a new version of windows released after every three years. If it’s correct, we will get our hands on the latest windows 12 in 2024.

There are also rumors about windows 12 that it will be the first OS to be hosted in the cloud, but it’s not good news for users; it means having a cloud-based OS, you have to subscribe to use it. Apart from subscriptions, some significant features may not come for free. Your files and data may be secure, but the flexibility of using a locally installed Operating system may be gone.

In recent news, Microsoft has rolled out a new update to Windows 11 that bring various new features, such as AI-Powered Bing Integration into the Windows 11 Taskbar. This lets users quickly search on Windows right from the taskbar. Further, Microsoft also Brings support for iOS.

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