Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key [100% Software Key Updates]

Microsoft Office 2019
Microsoft Office 2019

Are you looking for a Microsoft Office 2019 product key? With the introduction of Office 2019, Microsoft has made it easier than ever to be productive with the latest versions of its popular software suite. Whether you need to purchase a single license or get an entire volume license agreement, knowing where to look and what type of key you need is important to get the most out of your software. Here, we’ll discuss where you can find MS Office 2019 product keys and how they work.

Where to Get MS Office 2019 Product Key?

Microsoft Office 2019 is the old version of MS Office, which is a productivity suite that succeeded in 2016. It was released for Windows 10 and macOS availability in September 2018. Some features were previously restricted to Office 365 subscribers but are now available in this release.

You can BUY MICROSOFT OFFICE 2019 PRODUCT KEY through a third party, like eCommerce stores or Microsoft Office’s official page. But you don’t need to go there. All the keys are available in this article which is tested before mentioned.

Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key

  • V2Q8N-YGW7T-WG7JW-V28R8-YP32T

Microsoft Office 2019 Product Key [Lifetime]

  • V6BY8-NHU9IN-8YT76R-E54W-O3WAZ

How do you Activate the Latest Version of Microsoft Office version?

This introduction will provide a step-by-step guide on how to activate the latest version of Microsoft Office. First, you need to purchase a license for Microsoft Office from a reliable provider such as Microsoft or an authorized reseller. Once purchased, follow the instructions provided in your license agreement to download and install the software onto your computer.

After installation, you will need to activate the latest version of Microsoft Office. To do this, click on your Office application’s ‘Activate’ button. You will be prompted for a product key or activation code. Enter your product key or activation code and confirm by clicking ‘Activate.’ After successful activation, you can use all the features of Microsoft Office. Contact your Microsoft Office support team for assistance if you encounter any problems during activation.

Congratulations! You have successfully activated the latest version of Microsoft Office. Enjoy using all its features and functions!

How to Activate MS Office 2019 without Product Key

Install the MS Office 2019 product key free on your computer, and if you are unsure, which version of Office is activated on your PC. Follow the steps to activate on.

  • Open CMD (run as administrator) and paste these codes:
Open Microsoft command
Open Microsoft command

cd /d %ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16

cd /d %ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16

  • Now hit enter.
Program file
Program file
  • If you install the MS office in the program files, the path will be “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16” or “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16 “.  – it depends on the windows architecture; if you are unsure about this issue, run both commands above. One of them will not be executed, and an error message will be printed on the screen.
  • Now convert the office 2019 retail license to volume one.

 for /f %x in (‘dir /b ..\root\Licenses16\ProPlus2019VL*.xrm-ms’) do cscript ospp.vbs /inslic:”..\root\Licenses16\%x”

  • Hit enter.

Note: If your office 2019 is got from Microsoft, the below step is required. On the contrary, install MS office 2019 from a volume ISO file. This is optional if you want.

  • Activate Your Office by using the KMS client key.

cscript ospp.vbs /inpkey:NMMKJ-6RK4F-KMJVX-8D9MJ-6MWKP

cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:BTDRB >nul

cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:KHGM9 >nul

cscript ospp.vbs /unpkey:CPQVG >nul

cscript ospp.vbs /

cscript ospp.vbs /setprt:1688

cscript ospp.vbs /act

  • Then tap enter, and your office is activated successfully.
Microsoft Office 2019 Activate
Microsoft Office 2019 Activate

Note: You paste these codes in CMD to check the office 2019 license status again:

cscript “%ProgramFiles(x86)%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs” /dstatus

cscript “%ProgramFiles%\Microsoft Office\Office16\ospp.vbs” /dstatus

Command codes
Command codes


All about the MS Office 2019 product key, I hope these keys will be helpful for you at some point if you are a beginner PC user. For professionals, these keys are worthwhile, and in case if keys don’t work, update me as soon as possible by typing update please in the comment section.