Latest Features of Microsoft Office 365 | 2024 Guide

Latest Features of Microsoft Office 365

What Is Microsoft Office 365?

Microsoft came with a brilliant idea to create online Microsoft office applications along with the desktop versions. Office 365 is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office for business and education. And Microsoft 365 is the complete package having office 365 as a small module. Microsoft 365 also includes Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), Machine Learning, and Windows 10 Enterprise.

The interface of office 365 apps might cause you some strangeness because you have been using the MS office desktop version your entire life. But, with time and practice, you can become familiar with office 365 features.

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1. Real-Time Chat with Colleagues

How convenient it can become when you can communicate with your colleagues during a task. With Microsoft Teams in-app integration makes it all possible. Microsoft Teams integration in office 365 allows users to start conversations with people. Microsoft Teams also allows you to continue the conversation on the phone or desktop even when you close that application.

2. Co-Authoring Documents In Office 365

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in office 365 or Microsoft office 2016, all allow co-authoring, editing, document creation, comment posting, and task assigning in real-time by sharing the document to the Microsoft OneDrive. The co-authors can edit and see the document created in real-time on their screens. The co-authoring feature of office 365 and 2016 makes documents joint creation of documents is as convenient and creative as it could ever be.

Attaching documents to emails or sending huge documents to other people might get a tough task sometimes. Microsoft has made this task easy, you can embed a static copy or a link to that file (Stored on Cloud) for the user to actually be able to access and view it. Instead of attaching a big file insert the link of the file stored on the cloud, if you are emailing that document to someone the outlook web app will permit you to edit the document.

4. Create Outlook Calendars in Office 365

MS outlook 365 allows you to create calendar events from OneNote items. It allows you to create reminders for colleagues regarding ongoing tasks.

5. Turn Your Data Into A Map Using Power Map In Excel:

The power map feature of Excel in office 365 online allows you to convert your data into world maps. Data visualization has become a necessary skill to make your data interpretation more effective and understandable. Power BI, a visualization library developed and maintained by Microsoft to provide 2D and 3D graphics in documents and spreadsheets. Rows can be turned into 3D maps using power BI. It also provides filters like List, Range, and Advanced.

6. Storage Space Up To 50 GB

With the growing amount of data every second of free storage space for people to keep their data safe has become a blessing. Microsoft awards a 50GB free space to every user to store the emails, images, calendars, tasks, and notes, file attachments, tasks, and much more.

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Final Words

Microsoft office 365 is a cloud-based application that allows users to access and utilize Microsoft applications online without having to download and install them on their computers. With a lot of amazing features Microsoft office 365, it has become more important for people today. All you have to do is get a Microsoft office 365 subscription to use all the amazing features.

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