Microsoft Announces to Sign Deal to Bring Call of Duty for Another 10 Years

Microsoft Sign Deal to Bring Call of Duty
Microsoft Sign Deal to Bring Call of Duty

Microsoft has signed another 10-year deal with a new cloud gaming provider, Ubitus, a gaming provider based in Tokyo, Japan.

The Xbox owner announced on Wednesday that they had signed a ten-year agreement to stream Xbox PC games and Activision Blizzard titles after the acquisition closes; our aim is to give users more choices.

This time Microsoft is dealing with Ubitus, a well-known gaming provider that works with many publishers on Cloud versions of games for Nintendo Switch.

Although earlier this week, Microsoft announced that it signed a 10-year contract with Boosteroid, a cloud gaming service based in Ukraine, in order to take Xbox and PC games to more streaming providers.

Microsoft has been trying to support regulators such as the UK’s Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) and the US’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that won’t create Activision Blizzard games (most probably Call of duty) exclusive to its own cloud gaming service, should the deal be accepted.

Moreover, Microsoft has claimed that it has offered Sony a 10-year legal contract to make each new Call of duty game available on Playstation the same day it comes to Xbox with full content and feature equality. But Sony is not happy with the idea of Microsoft owning Activision Blizzard, mainly because of worries that it will make the Call of duty exclusive to Xbox consoles.

Hence, Microsoft signed a 10-year contract with Nintendo and GeForce to make Activision Blizzard games available on other platforms. But the argument still rages on between sony and Microsoft, as sony claims that the union will irreparably harm competition and that PS versions of Activision Blizzard games could potentially disrupt performance.

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