Microsoft Word Finally Bring a Useful Shortcut Key to Paste Plain Text

Microsoft Word Brings Shortcut Key to Paste Plain Text
Microsoft Word Brings Shortcut Key to Paste Plain Text

We have used the copy & paste shortcut keys to move text for decades. But products like Microsoft word and other 365 productivity apps are frustrating for as long as copying & pasting plain text without formatting. Now, Microsoft is finally bringing a useful plain text paste shortcut key Ctrl+Shift +V for windows and CMD+Shift+V for Mac.

Microsoft Word has been the standard bearer for word processors for many years due to its wealth of features, many of which you have never used while preparing a report or story. With the popularity of Google Docs, things start to change, giving Word real competition with its own software tricks you won’t find in Microsoft’s word processors, like keyboard shortcuts for pasting plain text.

Although, after years of declining to support this particular Ctrl+Shift+V shortcut, Microsoft is finally letting users paste text without the source formatting by pressing those keys all at once on windows (Cmd+shift+V on macOS).

After decades, Microsoft realized that the lack of this feature had been a cause of irritation for users. “However, users expect that Ctrl+Shift+V will paste plain text, so when this doesn’t function, the experience can be annoying.” Thus, you can start using the shortcut key the same way you use it in Google Docs or Teams, just select a string of text from your preferred source, open the doc, hover the mouse cursor where you wish to copy text to place, and then hit ctrl+Shift +V.

But unfortunately, there is a requirement; you won’t be able to use the key if you are not a Microsoft 365 Home or Microsoft 365 Business Standard Beta Channel user. Or else, you can begin pasting plain text with a few keystrokes if you use Windows version 16.0.15831.20174 or later.

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