Microsoft Word Offers Keyboard Shortcuts for Zooming

Microsoft Word Offers Keyboard Shortcuts for Zooming

Microsoft Word already had a slider for zooming in and out your documents for so long but lacked an easy keyboard shortcut for zooming. That’s finally introduced.

Microsoft announced that Microsoft 365 insider program has now tested zoom keyboard shortcuts like pressing the Ctrl button, and the minus will zoom out the document, and pressing Ctrl with plus key will zoom in, just as with most web browsers and the world web app. And if you hold the Ctrl+0 shortcut, it will turn to 100% zoom, and holding down control while scrolling your mouse cursor will also zoom in and out your work. The same keys can be applied on Mac computers, but you must use the command key instead of the control button.

Microsoft Company highlights a few things through this post “In the case of keyboard shortcuts, the industry level has changed from the global implementation of these features. Indeed, users want that Ctrl++/- will zoom in and out. It gets frustrating when this occurs. Many users complained about this matter to the Word team, and they heard it. They stated we’re trying to update keyboard shortcuts as a direct response to this feedback. The team further claimed, Accessibility is our priority, and we want to make the zooming experience for users as feasible as possible.

Microsoft is also practicing creating a keyboard shortcut for Word that pastes text without formatting, which follows the now-standard Ctrl+Shft+V shortcut (Cmd+Shft+V on Mac) and the latest zoom controls in another step in that direction.

You may also have a few setting options that allow you to return everything to the previous responses since the new zoom and paste shortcuts replace other instructions that were fixed to those keys.

The updated zoom options are available for people in the Microsoft 365 insider program running Word version 16.0.15831.20174 or later on windows and Word version 16.67.1113.0 or later on Mac. Once any glitch is fixed, it should roll out for all.

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