One Airpod Not Charging (Here’s Non-Stop Solution Guide)

one airpod not charging
one airpod not charging

You do not have to panic if you own Apple Airpod and one is not charging. It turns out that this is a rather frequent issue with a number of easy-to-implement solutions.

Here’s a storyline:

It is a fresh drizzling night, and you are ready for a long drive on the beach. You put on your jacket, some champagne, and Airpod before going for a long drive. You discover your right Airpod not working long after driving for a few minutes, so you check your phone and find that the earbud is virtually dead. However, your other Airpod is perfectly functional.

There are a lot of Airpod users who experience this extremely annoying situation. Except that if you discover that your Air-pod is not charging, it can ruin your listening experience and spoil your blossom day.

In this article, we will show you how to troubleshoot your Air-pod charging problem, so you can start listening to your favorite singer – Shakira’s music again.

Why Is One Airpod Not Charging

Initially, it is necessary to understand the problem before moving on to solutions. However, this is an important step if you want to grasp the logic behind a solution.

one airpod pro not charging
one airpod pro not charging

To provide you description, the Apple Airpod has a 93-milliwatt battery. As a result, Apple claims, you can listen or talk for up to 3 hours on a 15-minute charge. In addition, Air-pod can last up to 24 hours when they are charged with the charging case.

You can only charge your Air-pod through the charging case and not directly from the power source. Consequently, if an Air-pod is not charging, it is probably the malfunctioning case.

How to Fix the One Airpod Not Charging Issue

Air-pod almost always fails to charge when the charging case is malfunctioning. That’s why the solutions will be targeted at this part of the article. Here are some suggestions on how to get that other Airpod to charge again.

  1. Clean Your Airpod with Alcohol

Your Airpod may not be able to charge if they are dirty. The grime could be blocking the charging circuit. It is the most common method to resolve charging issues with Air-pod and cases for Air-pod. When they have been cleaned, you can reinstall them in the case and see if they will start charging or not.

  1. Update your Airpod firmware

If you have not updated your Airpod charging firmware in a while. You may have missed an update, which could be the source of the problem. To see if your Airpod will charge, try updating the firmware and repeating the steps above – Clean your Airpods with alcohol.

  1. Reset Your Apple Airpod

If the steps described above do not resolve your charging issues, you may need to reset your Air-pod. However, it is important to note that if your factory reset your Airpod, you will lose all saved settings of your Airpod. As a result, I recommend that you try the solutions listed above (if you have not already) to avoid having to reprogram your preferred settings.

Understanding – Why is only one Airpod Working due to a low charging issue?

  1. Use Apple Certified Airpod Charging Cables

Apple adores its walled garden of products, including chargers, cables, and a variety of other pricey connections.

The chances are high that a third-party cable you buy from Amazon or the mall is poorly made from local material or even a counterfeit. It is true that you get what you pay for in the end. Apple’s own support page has a section dedicated to warning customers about counterfeit parts which pose a safety risk to you and your Apple products.

why is one airpod not charging
why is one airpod not charging

If you are charging your Air-pod with a cheap charging cable, this may be a problem causing one of them not to be fully charged.

Spend the extra $10-$15 to get the proper cable. If you are not convinced that this is the source of your charging issues, borrow a genuine Airpod charger from a friend!

  1. Check your Cable Connection

When you insert your Airpods for charging, do they make touch with the charging case? The charger connects for charging at the smaller silvertip, and when you insert your Airpods into the charging case, you should sense a pleasant magnetic click when the Airpods are firmly installed. If this does not work, you have to change your battery case, but first, try the next step.

airpod one ear not charging
airpod one ear not charging

When you insert your Airpods for charging, do they make contact with the charging case? The small silvertip is where the charging happens, and when you place your Airpods into the charging case, you should feel a satisfying magnetic snap as the Airpods are seated properly. If this does not work, you may have to change your battery case; however, you should try the next step first.

When your Airpods do not fit properly, or if you can’t close your Airpods case, remove the Airpods to see if anything is preventing them from fitting properly.

How To Check Airpod Battery Health

You can use either of these methods whenever you have paired your charging Airpod at least once with your iPhone or iPad.

  • Your iPhone or iPad should have Bluetooth enabled. It can be done through the Control Center or in Settings.
  • Hold your Airpod case, with the Airpod inside, close to your iPhone/iPad and open it.
  • Catchy windows should appear at the edge of the screen. It will display the battery life of the Airpod and its case.

When Every Solution Else Fails

If the above solution is not working for your Airpods or Airpods case for the charging. It is a great chance for you to replace a charging case or Air-pod; if your Airpods are still under warranty, Apple will change the part that’s not working. Another option you have, the PodSwap, can also replace the dead Airpod, and it is a service where you can buy or replace less expansive gadgets of Apple.


In conclusion, there are a lot of Air-pod users who experience this Air-pod not charging problem. Except that if you discover that your Airpod is not charging, it can ruin your listening experience and spoil your blossom day. So here are non-stop solutions that you can use to resolve the issue, or you can replace it from the Apple store or PodSwap, where they will replace the dead Airpod at a very reasonable price. So read more or explore more.