Right AirPod Not Working (8 Innovative Fixes)

right airpod not working

Do you want a quick fix for your right AirPod not working? And wondering why only one AirPod is not working? Because buying a new pair is very expensive. Don’t worry! You can make it work again. This article is all about how to fix your right AirPod so that you can enjoy the music from both of the AirPods like before.

In addition, do you know that in case of misplacing or any issue with your right AirPod, you can also make the right AirPod replacement from different repair services from Apple? However, you can exchange or replace one or both of your AirPods or charging cases when you lose them or get physical damage.

Why is My Right Airpod Not Working?

It can happen because of some common causes that can range from simple to complex settings. It can be any issue, just like charging to an audio or network setting. That results in one of your AirPods suddenly dropping the connection. For Which you should look for things like:

8 Fixes to Resolve the Right AirPod Not Working Issue

It happens all the time with everyone. However, to fix one AirPods, try them in this sequence. We have listed the probable solutions from the easiest to the most complex.

1: Make Sure to Charge the AirPod Charging Case

The first thing you should do is ensure that your AirPods charging case is fully charged. Ensure the AirPods case is fully charged by removing the AirPods and plugging it in or placing it on a charger. It is fully charged if the light on an empty AirPod case is green.

2: Turn on the Bluetooth Connection 

When one of your AirPods is not connected, first, you should connect it with a Bluetooth device to resolve the troubleshooting problem. Begin with the Settings application on your iPhone or iPad:

  • First, Slide the Bluetooth button left.
  • Then, right again.
  • And then tap the Bluetooth button.
  • There may be a software glitch that can be corrected by unpair and re-pairing AirPods with Bluetooth again.
  • Then Bluetooth is switched back on.
  • Both earbuds must connect normally.

3: Clean the AirPods Regularly

If you find that the Airpod is connected but not sound then there may be an accumulation of debris on the speaker mesh, because of which your right AirPod is working. It prevents you from hearing audio through it. That may sound improbable, but a bunch of gunk can mute the sound easily. If your AirPods sound distorted, clean your AirPods with a lint-free cloth, water, and a toothpick.

4: Check and Verify the Stereo Balance

Check and verify the Stereo balance

An accessibility option in the settings menu on an iOS device controls the stereo balance audio between the left and right AirPods. If only one AirPod receives sound, your right Airpod not working problem may occur because the setting is out of balance.

  • Fix one AirPod by going to Settings.
  • Then, go to Accessibility.
  • Tap on Audio/Visual.
  • Finding the Balance slider and moving it to the center.

5: Set The Network Setting Default 

Set The Network Setting Default

Your iPhone or iPad has a settings app that controls the connection of different networks, including Bluetooth devices. It may be due to a problem with these settings. You will have to repair Bluetooth devices, re-enter Wi-Fi passwords, and so on if you reset the settings on Airpods.

  • Go to the Settings
  • Then go to General.
  • Tap on to Reset.
  • Then click on Reset Network Settings to reset your network settings.

6: Make Sure Your Phone is Up-to-Date

It would help if you never ruled out the possibility that your AirPods are experiencing a software glitch. Because of this, your right AirPod not working, which can be corrected with the latest iOS update. For which:

  • Go to your Settings
  • Then, find the Phone Update setting.
  • And then, select the up-to-date version from the drop-down menu.

7: Play Some Music to Test the AirPods Device

If your right AirPod not working, keep the AirPods on and play music if both are sufficiently charged and they don’t have any issue in the case charging. If it still doesn’t work, then try resetting one Air pod.

  • First, you have to hold down the setup button for at least 15 seconds.
  • Then, hold the button for a few seconds until the status light flashes amber a few times, then white.
  • Your Air pods have been reset. Then, you must repair them with your device to work.

8: Get in Touch with Android or Apple Support

Suppose you have tried everything and still have yet to have had any luck. It is time to seek expert help. Check with Apple Support to see if they have any suggestions. If the manufacturer’s warranty still covers your AirPods, they may be able to repair them for free or at a reduced cost.


Q1: How do I check the battery health of my AirPods case?

When you open your case lid, place your AirPods inside and hold them close to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Wait for a few seconds to see if your AirPods are charging. Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can also show the charge status of your AirPods using the batteries widget.

Q2: What to do if my left AirPod isn’t working?

  • Check that your AirPods are charged and connected to your device properly.
  • Check hardware issues.
  • Reset your AirPod.
  • Contact Apple Support for assistance.

Q3: What to do if One AirPod is not working but is charged?

  • Make sure your AirPod is properly seated and snugly in your ear.
  • Try resetting your AirPods.
  • Try cleaning your AirPod with a soft or dry cloth.
  • Or contact Apple support.


I would like you to go through all the fixes mentioned above about the right AirPod not working. This can happen because of a lot of reasons like Bluetooth issues, charging problems, incorrect settings, software bugs, and others. Let us see which one works for you.