PSOhub: a powerful Salesforce project management tool

project management Salesforce
project management Salesforce

Put simply, A holistic PSA solution can increase your team’s efficiency and help your small business save a lot of money. Introducing: PSOhub: a self-driven project management tool that you can now integrate with Salesforce.

PSOhub is engineered to help businesses manage people, projects, and budgets. It is the all-in-one solution you need rather than getting different unintegrated PSAs to do the job.

Why integrate a project management salesforce tool?

Automation makes a lot of things easier, not only easier but cheaper. Here are four reasons you should consider a project management integration:

  • Centralize data: Store all data on a project under one digital roof to prevent miscommunication down the road between departments. A team on the same page is an efficient team.
  • Efficient handoffs:  An integrated project management Salesforce tool makes project handoffs a lot easier and streamlined. From sales to project management, there are no guesses and gray areas. Both parties have complete transparency.
  • Automation: The most tedious task is the boring, repetitive tasks that you wish could go faster. Seamless data exchange between your project management tool and your CRM will increase efficiency, save time and effort and automate your work.
  • Speed project planning: A good project management tool will take your CRM data and help apply that data in a template. Project planning immediately starts the moment your contract is signed. You can also manage milestones, assign tasks and keep track of your time and planning.

PSOhub’s Gantt Chart?

Project planning can be difficult. Once the contract has been signed, you must stay on top of the project. Gantt chart simplifies all this data and shows your planning activities and milestones in a single overview.

PSOhub’s Gantt Chart gives you the upper hand in project management. Keep track of your project’s status and never miss a deadline. Keep your consumers happy with great service and increase your efficiency!

Gantt Chart’s Game-changing features 

Here are some game-changing features you get when you use Gantt Chart software.

  • View all project tasks, their start, and due dates, and respective tasks visually. This allows you to see what should be done and when, what is due, and the tasks’ details.
  • Add resources directly to Gantt Chart and get an overview of all the tasks related to that resource with the click of a button.
  • Add dependencies and conditions to your project activities that show what needs to be done or gotten before beginning a new project.
  • Milestones can indicate events, deliverables, and decision points where the project is on break, which helps improve monitoring.
  • Set dependencies for your project activities to show what needs to be finished before starting the new task.
  • You can also share your progress with your client via a view-only link. This keeps your client informed of your progress and keeps transparency and trust thriving.

To conclude, automation is the key to effective growth. For a business using dozens of different tools to automate different tasks makes no sense; PSOhub offers you an all-in-one solution and lots more.